GODESS Institute Secretariat

The Secretariat of the GODESS Institute consists of the following members

Co-Coordinator, GODESS Institute


PhD Student, Management and Organisation, Hanken School of Economics

Inkeri Tanhua is a PhD candidate in Management and Organization at Hanken. In her dissertation, she examines the mechanisms that cause occupational gender segregation, particularly in the context of vocational education. Previously, Tanhua has worked as a gender equality and diversity consultant and conducted several reports about gender equality and diversity. Her earlier educational qualifications include M.S.Sc. with a major in gender studies from Linköping University and M.Sc. (Econ.) from Turku School of Economics. Inkeri’s research interests include gender equality and diversity at work, non-binary gender, gender and technology, intersectionality, and intersection of gender and migration at work.

email: inkeri.tanhua@hanken.fi


  • Valentina Carnali 

Trainee, GODESS Institute


Valentina has been working as a trainee for GODESS Institute since September 2021, and her internship will last until November 2021. She is currently assisting GODESS within the coordination team and assisting GODESS researchers. 

Valentina is performing her internship while being an undergraduate student at the University of Bologna in contemporary history. Previously she spent her second year of studies at Univerzita Karlova in Prague, still focusing on contemporary history and gender history. 

Her main interest is the historical development of gender equality policies, mainly tackled from a cross-national perspective. 

email: valentina.carnali@hanken.fi 

  • Storay Mohmand

Trainee, GODESS Institute

Storay picture

Storay Mohmand has begun working as a trainee for the GODESS Institute, and her internship will last until mid-July 2022. She is currently assisting GODESS within the coordination team and assisting GODESS researchers. Besides, she would like to use from her internship opportunity to learn more about information searching through the Hanken databases and join other related workshops about scientific searches and methodology at Hanken.

Storay has a BSc in Political Science of International Relations from one of Kabul Universities. Additionally, she has started a MSc degree in Gender and Women Studies at the University of Kabul, but these had to be interrupted due to her employment in the Finnish Embassy in Kabul and related serious safety risk as result of the collapse of the Afghanistan government; she was evacuated rapidly by Finnish authorities to Finland in autumn 2021.

Currently she is seeking to continue here unfinished studies . She is interested in international issues, gender and equality, training and development.

She would like to get know more people and create her own network in Hanken. You can contact her by following email address Storay.Mohmand@hanken.fi or find her at “GODESS room” located in 3th floor and room no:312.