Financing and Cost of Living

Exchange students have to ensure that they have sufficient funding to cover all expenses during their stay.

Financing your exchange

The exchange programme usually provides you with some grant administered by your own university, the rest you have to get from other sources. There are no Finnish grants or scholarships available for foreign exchange students. Please note that Hanken does not offer any grants or other finacial support system for international students.

What is considered sufficient funds varies with individual spending habits. You certainly wish to enjoy the stay, which probably means that you have to add to your normal monthly expenses. 

Approximate monthly cost of living

In Helsinki
  • Rent: EUR 400-500 (HOAS ) or EUR 500-700 (private market)
  • Food: EUR 250 (whereof the state subsidized Hanken lunch approx. EUR 40-50)
  • Local transport: EUR approx. EUR 25 (student discount)
  • Personal/incidental, study material: EUR 200
In Vaasa
  • Rent: EUR 250-350 (VOAS)
  • Food: EUR 250 (whereof the state subsidized Hanken lunch is approx. EUR 40-50)
  • Personal/incidental, study material, local transportation: EUR 200