Boosting Space Business – Aurora Region Space Economy Ecosystem (AuroraSpace)

Aurora Space
The project consortium of university and research institute members focuses on developing a space innovation ecosystem in the Aurora Interreg region (Kvarken) to boost space business.

Project Aim: 

  • Boost space businesses
  • Enhance sustainability practices
  • Addressing pressing societal challenges in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, and Norway

By understanding and organizing the space innovation network in the Aurora region, the project aims to create better communication and networking channels. This will strengthen and focus the region's space economy, benefitting local businesses. By actively managing and promoting the innovation ecosystem globally to support the growth of the area's space industry. The project will also identify and address any barriers or commonalities across borders in the space innovation ecosystem.

Additionally, the plan is to enhance the commercial space environment by introducing educational and collaborative initiatives between academia and industry, fostering innovation and research activities.

Boosting Space Business – Aurora Region Space Economy Ecosystem (AuroraSpace) is a continuation of the Kvarken Space Center aerospace project.

Peter Björk, 2022

“We need to be able to market the technology that is being developed, so this is where Hanken comes in, sharing our expertise in strategy, innovation and business models. When it comes to space technology, investments and venture capital are also crucial.”

Peter Björk

Project Information

  • Duration of project:  - 
  • Led by the University of Vaasa.


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