Lodging an appeal

If you believe that an error has been made in the assessment of your application or in the implementation of the admission criteria, you may lodge an appeal for rectification of the admission decision. An appeal needs be filed no later than 14 days after the publication date of the admission results.

NOTE! If you have questions relating to admissions or would like to receive further feedback, you should contact Hanken's admissions services, rather than lodging an appeal.

The purpose of lodging an appeal is not to receive feedback, ask for additional information regarding admissions or give applicants a second chance to be admitted. The admission appeal process is a legal procedure Opens in new window (text available in Swedish and in Finnish only) that is taken very seriously. Therefore, it is important that your appeal for rectification is as detailed as possible, and that all necessary documentation is attached.


Instructions on how to lodge an appeal  

An appeal needs be filed no later than 14 days after the publication date of the results. Appeals submitted after this date will not be processed.

Submit your appeal by completing this formThis electronic appeal form has some shortcomings in accessibility criteria. Please contact us at admissions@hanken.fi Opens in new window as soon as possible if you need the form in a different format.

If you wish to address multiple matters in your appeal, please note that you must complete separate forms for each matter.

What needs to be included in the appeal

Complete all the fields in the form. Your appeal should be written in the language of instruction of the programme you applied to and addressed to the Rector at Hanken School of Economics. 

Your request should include the following:

  •     which decision the appeal concerns  
  •     which part of the decision you wish to be amended
  •     what kind of change you seek to the decision
  •     on what grounds you appeal for the decision to be amended

Attachments, such as documents, statements and grades can be uploaded to the form if they are relevant for the appeal.


Decision regarding the appeal

The Hanken Admissions team processes all appeals as quickly as possible. The processing time for an appeal is approximately 1-2 months. Hanken will contact you via e-mail once your appeal has been processed.

If your appeal is denied, you will receive a message informing you of this decision, as well as containing instructions for how to lodge an appeal against this decision with the administrative court.