Accounting for Sustainability seminar

A new Seminar Series organized by the Department of Accounting and Commercial Law.

The seminar series Accounting for Sustainability (AfS) is organized by Theresa Harrer and Othmar Lehner at the Hanken Centre for Accounting, Finance and Governance and regularly brings together researchers, students, and practitioners from different disciplines to discuss issues related to ESG investing and reporting, as well as the practice of sustainability accounting. The aim of the AfS series is not only to dig deeper into important questions, but also to develop an international community of peers who seek to develop solutions and develop the field and practice of sustainability accounting!

Upcoming seminars in the AfS series:

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An illustration of trees in different colours

Prof. Jan Bebbington, Lancaster University

"Accounting infrastructures for biodiversity outcomes"

23 May 2024

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Dr. Emilio Marti, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

"Relying on other stakeholders to make companies more sustainable: Ethnographic insights from a shareholder engagement fund"

10 October 2024

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Silhouette of a person breaking chains around their hands

Dr. Orthodoxia Kyriacou, Middlesex University London

"Breaking the chains and framing the links: How Big 4 accounting firms normalize modern slavery"

5 December 2024

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Stay tuned for more!

22, September, 2022: Prof. Katrin Hummel, WU Vienna, "The role of paradigms in sustainability accounting research"

22, November, 2022: Professor Dr. Lisa Hehenberger, ESADE.
"Collective action through multivocal inscription: impact measurement in impact investing"

12, January, 2023: Dr. Mikael Homanen, PRI 
“Which institutional investors drive corporate sustainability?”

09, March, 2023: Prof. Paolo Quattrone, Manchester Uni
“Beyond transparency? common good and value-added planning and budgeting at the Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI)”

23, May, 2023: Prof. Othmar Lehner, Hanken School of Economics
Developing political theory performativity: An agential realism perspective on social and environmental accounting” 

4, October, 2023: Prof. Eija Vinnari, Tampere University, “Accounting, accountability and animals: negotiating the promises and pitfalls of quantification”

7, December, 2023: Dr. Sabine Dörry, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) , "Linking alternative economies and sustainable finance with regional development: the examples of France, Germany and Luxembourg"

18, January, 2024: Dr. Shipeng Yan, University of Hong kong
“Religious investors and corporate decarbonization"

21, March, 2024: Prof. Lee Parker, Adam Smith Business School, The University of Glasgow ,
"Third Sector Crisis Management & Resilience: Messages for Accountability & Sustainability"