Studies and Course plan

Read carefully this information when preparing for your exchange semester studies.

Courses for incoming exchange students

The course catalogue is found in Weboodi. The course selection for the following academic year is published in the spring each year, usually in May. The Autumn semester comprises period 1 & 2 and the Spring semester period 3 & 4. Note that the courses are subject to change every year. You have to plan following the current academic year Study Handbook until the upcoming will be published.

Please read the instructions for finding courses that are open to exchange students and how to register courses in the study tool WebOodi at

To see the course offers in WebOodi you do not need a login.

Registering courses

WebOodi will open for registrations on 1 August (autumn courses only) and on 1 December (spring courses). You shall register your courses in the study tool WebOodi, where all Hanken students apply for courses by registration. 

To be able to register courses in WebOodi you must have both your student User ID and the password, which you will get prior to your arrival. Your registration in WebOodi is the actual application for a course and informs the teachers of the applicants. By making it possible for you to sign up from abroad you apply in the same queue as regular Hanken students.

The details about the WebOodi registration steps and process will follow together with the Acceptance letter.

Business Courses taught in Swedish

Exchange students from the Nordic countries who are able to understand teaching in Swedish and who can read literature in Swedish may choose courses taught in Swedish as well.


The schedules for courses offered in the autumn semester will be published in early summer and timetables for courses offered in the spring semester will be published by early November.


Please compare your course plan to the schedules to find out if there will be clashes. Some overlappings may be possible to handle, but severe clashes (courses more or less overlap) means that you probably will have to choose some other course.


Studies at Hanken are assessed on a 5-1 scale, where 50 per cent is required for passing with the lowest grade 1. The 5 - 1 scale for passed, completed courses corresponds to the five-point scale of excellent, very good, good, satisfactory and sufficient.

5         Excellent (E)
4         Very Good (VG)
3         Good (G)
2         Satisfactory (SA)
1         Sufficient (SU)
0         Fail (not passed)

More information on grading here

Course counselling before and upon arrival

You are welcome to contact the International coordinator and course counsellor for incoming exchange students, Towa Blomqvist incoming.mobility(at) in case you have questions regarding courses and academic matters before your arrival. The International coordinator  will check your Learning Agreement (ERASMUS+) and course plan in Mobility Online to spot any problems (wrong level, critical prerequisites etc.) in advance or upon arrival at Hanken. The WebOodi registration and the uploaded courses in Mobility Online should be identical.

You can change course registrations in WebOodi and get assistance with final course choices during the Orientation course in Helsinki and Vaasa. During the Orientation course there will be time for finding out how schedule clashes can be handled.

Work load

Exchange students are expected to complete 30 ECTS per semester, i.e. 4-6 courses. Most courses are worth 5, 6, 8 or 10 credits. One credit at Hanken is comparable to one ECTS credit. An exchange student can have a workload of approximately 30 ECTS, due to the fact that the chosen courses may not sum up to exactly 30 ECTS. You must always check what your home university requires. In any case Hanken requires a student to take at least three courses in a semester, we do not accept "academic tourism".

Course level

The level "intermediate" means a course at undergraduate (BSc) level. The level "advanced" means a course at graduate (MSc) level. 

Hanken has a so called integrated degree structure and exchange students may mix levels and take both BSc and MSc level courses, provided they meet the prerequisites for a specific course. If you are a BSc level student at home, be aware of possible restrictions to take MSc level courses of category (a) at Hanken. The first advice is that you look for courses at your respective level. However, in case you are a MSc level student and find a BSc level course that your university will accept, this will be no problem to Hanken. Sometimes choosing a BSc upper level course may solve a problem of finding a good course mix and could be a substitute for a MSc level course of category (b).

Prerequisites for a course

When choosing courses, note the following. Prerequisites for a course such as previous knowledge or limited number of places is mentioned on the course home page. Admittance to some courses may be strict and checked by the professor assisted by the International co-ordinator. The chance of being accepted to preferred courses will be better, or totally depending upon an up-to-date Transcript of records from your home university. This means that all courses that you have taken at undergraduate and/or graduate levels in a certain subject must be documented to support admittance. If you are at master'e level you must upload both undergraduate and graduate Transcripts of records in Mobility-Online already when you apply for Hanken, or update it later. The professor may request latest updated information when finally screening students for a course close to course start.

Tip: Replace the Transcript of records that you uploaded online for the application by an updated one, or add an unofficial transcript, stamped by your home university. Or bring an up-to-date Transcript with you.

We recommend that you have some optional course choices (a plan B) in case you would not be admitted to your most preferred courses. You can also sign up in WebOodi for more courses than you plan to take and delete/confirm a course upon arrival. There is always a possibility to change courses upon arrival, this is not a problem for Hanken. You yourself must always check with your home university if you are uncertain what they will accept.