Brand New

The Brand New-project aims at developing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to understand dynamic construction of corporate brand image from the perspectives of personnel, customers and management.

With the dynamic, constructive and multilevel approach on corporate and personal brand image researchers will challenge traditional top down view on brand management both in business practice and scientific debate. Conceptual models, methods and means are developed for companies and organizations in order to support their understanding on corporate identity and image construction from different perspectives and to modify their value promise to enhance competitiveness and business renewals.

The multidisciplinary consortium consists of researchers from VTT, Aalto ARTS and Hanken with international partners. The participating organizations include RTV Yhtymä, Skanska, Workspace, Tapiolan Lämpö, Kiinteistötyönantajat and Isännöintiliitto. The project started in the beginning of 2015 and will finish in the end of September 2018.

Project book "Brändin jalanjälki voimavarana".

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Anne Rindell, (PhD) Associate Professor