Students from Ukraine

Hanken shows support for Ukraine by offering students who have fled the war an opportunity to continue studying. Totally 30 independent study rights in Vaasa and Helsinki will be granted. If the demand for these study rights exceeds 30, Rector may later decide separately that Hanken grants more. Studies conducted via an independent study right are free of charge. An independent study right cannot not entitle the student to a degree at Hanken.

Who can get a free independent study right?

Eligible to apply for an above-mentioned independent study right is a person who has been an active degree student (BSc, MSc or PhD level) in economic sciences at a university or business school on 24 February 2022 and who in Finland has been granted temporary protection Temporary protection | Maahanmuuttovirasto ( Opens in new window . The person should have sufficient knowledge in English for conducting studies at that language.

How can I get a free independent study right at Hanken?

If you are interested and eligible you are welcome to submit a free-form application by e-mail to Applications are accepted continuously until 15 February 2024.

Please address at least the following

  • how are the eligibility criteria you meet (your status as a student with temporary protection)?
  • describe your previous studies in economic sciences (university or business school, level of studies, what and how much?)
  • your knowledge of English (own assessment or language test)
  • what kind of studies are you interested in and hoping to attend?
  • are you interested in studying in Helsinki or Vaasa?

At this state, please do not include any documentation or proof of the information you are giving.

Based on your application, if it is assessed that you are eligible and that it is possible that Hanken can offer studies that are suitable for you, you will be invited to a study guidance meeting (on site at Hanken or per Teams). The aim of the meeting is to discuss the available study opportunities and to ensure that the level of the intended studies is appropriate for you.

During the discussion, it is checked that you have sufficient knowledge of English for conducting the studies. In unclear cases, a Hanken English teacher may be consulted. Written and oral knowledge of English at a level that makes it possible to conduct studies on that language is a requirement. You will not manage to study otherwise. Bring your documentation to the meeting, i. e.  identification, any documentation about studies and/or language skills, as well as documentation on temporary protection status in Finland, Finnish social security number and other necessary information that will be needed for a possible registration as an independent student.

If an independent study right is granted

If the outcome of the study guidance meeting is that Hanken have suitable studies for you, and that you meet the requirements and have the prerequisites to complete the studies, an independent study right is granted that may include studies between 5-30 credits/semester.

The study rights are granted to students fulfilling requirement in the application order. Applications are accepted continuously until 15 February 2023 and a granted study right is valid until 31 July 2023.

The independent study right is free of charge, but unfortunately there are no scholarships for living costs. The independent study right does not include the right to earn a degree at Hanken School of Economics.