Orientation Days Programme in Helsinki

Here you find the programme for the Orientation Days in Helsinki.
  • If you were admitted to a track/major in Helsinki, you should attend the Orientation Days programme below.
  • If you were admitted to study in Vaasa, check out the Orientation Days programme in Vaasa.
  • Please note that changes in the programme might still occur.

What to bring:

  • Required only of students who delivered PHYSICAL officially certified copies of their educational documents upon admission:
    • Degree certificate in ORIGINAL
    • Transcript of records in ORIGINAL
    • Possible translations of the documents listed above
    • The documents will be collected for verification purposes
    • The students this applies to will receive an e-mail during August requesting them to bring their educational documents.
    • Note! Students whose educational documents already have been verified through a Electronic Transcript verification Service are extempted from bringing their documents.
  • Official ID, if you still have not collected your Hanken User ID. 



  • The Balcony, 2nd Floor, Hanken Main Building, Helsinki

8:30-9:30                   Breakfast & Mingle



  • Aud. Maximum (Maxen), 2nd Floor, Hanken Main Building, Helsinki

Educational documents in original will be collected at the door from students who have been requested to bring their documents.


9:30                          Welcome to Hanken
                                 Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen, Dean of Programme and Quality

9:40                         Opening of the Orientation Days & Practicalities
                                 Linnéa Kangas, Admission Officer

10:10                       BREAK

10:20                       Your studies & Tools in a Nutshell
                                Linda Gerkman, Director of Studies and Admissions
                                & Johanna Lepola, Senior Coordinator of Study Affairs

11:55                       LUNCH
                                & Collect Hanken User ID from the Student Service Point 
                                (if still undone)

13:10                      This is Hanken
Annamari Huovinen, Marketing and Communications Manager

13:25                      Studying at Hanken - A Teacher's Perspective
Denise Salin, Professor in Management and Organisation

13:45                      Studying at Hanken - A Student's Perspective
Zalina Plieva, International Student Ambassador and student in
                                Intellectual Property Law

13:55                      BREAK

14:10                      SHS - Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
                               Emilia Winqvist, President of the Student Union at Hanken
                               School of Economics

14:40                      The Masters' Committee: Meet the tutors
Alex Holmberg, President of the Masters' Committee

15:20                      Tour of Hanken (with tutors)
- 16:20

What to bring:

  • Hanken User ID
  • Your own laptop
  • Official ID, if you handed in your original educational documents on Wednesday in order to be able to collect the documents



  • Business Lab, Basement Floor, Hanken Main Buildning

9:00                       Welcome to Finland
Henna Konsti, Integration Coordinator

9:30                       Practicalities for international students
Linnéa Kangas, Admission Officer

10:00                     Language studies in Swedish and Finnish

10:30                     BREAK

10:45                     How to feel at home and flourish in Finland
                               - An Alumnus' perspective

                              Robin Kipfer, Hanken Alumnus

11:15                     Hanken International Talent
Henna Konsti, Integration Coordinator



  • I.e. comprehensive school and/or upper secondary education in Finnish or Swedish in Finland.

  • If you have already completed the "Virkamiesruotsi/Tjänstemannafinska" requirement in your previous degree for sure, you do not need to attend neither this session nor the language level test. If you are unsure, please attend these sessions.


  • Room A210, 2nd Floor, Hanken Main Building

10:00                    Info on the requirement of language proficiency in Swedish and
                              Finnish of Personnel in Public bodies within your degree
                              Study Councellors & Language Teachers at Hanken


10:45                     Swedish language level test in the study tool Moodle
                              Katja Peltola, Lecturer in Swedish 

11:15                      BREAK




  • Room A210, 2nd Floor, Hanken Main Building

11:30                     Magistersstudier på svenska
Linda Martelius, Admission Officer



12:00                    LUNCH
                              & RETURN OF EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTS AT THE
                              STUDENT SERVICE POINT, GROUND FLOOR
(only for those who handed in their documents on Wednesday) 


Finance track & Finansiell Ekonomi Room A303, 3rd Floor
Accounting track & Redovisning Room A304, 3rd Floor
Humanitarian Logistics track & Logistik och Samhällsansvar Room A305, 3rd Floor
Marketing Track & Marknadsföring Room A306, 3rd Floor
Företagsledning och Organisation & Entrepenörskap och företagsledning Room A307, 3rd Floor
International Strategy and Sustainability Track Room 309, 3rd Floor
Intellectual Property Law Room A411, 4th Floor
Governance and Commercial Law track & Handelsrätt Room A411, 4th Floor
Economics & Nationalekonomi Meeting Point: Reception, Main Building
Seminar room in the Economicum building


13:00                   Specialisation/Major specific sessions
                             Academic Staff from the specialisation/majors + Tutors  

14:30                   BREAK


Finance, Finansiell ekonomi, Accounting, Redovisning, Economics, Nationalekonomi Room A303, 3rd Floor
Humanitarian Logistics, Logistik och samhällsansvar, Företagets ledning och Organisation, Entrepenörskap och företagsledning Room A305, 3rd Floor
Intellectual Property Law, Governance and Commercial Law, Handelsrätt Room 306, 3rd Floor
International Strategy and Sustainability, Marketing, Marknadsföring Room A309, 3rd Floor


14:40                   Study plans & Course Registration + Break when ready
Study Councellors & Tutors


  • Foyer, 1st Floor, Hanken Main building

16:00                   Rector's Welcome Reception for New Master's degree
                            Students & Exchange Students



  • Aud. Maximum (Maxen), 2nd Floor, Hanken Main Building

9:00                 Workshop: Study Efficiency and Motivation
Alexandra Ohls, Student Coach

9:45                 Study Support Services
Linnéa Kangas, Admission Officer 
                         Sonja Jakobsson, University Chaplain In Helsinki

10:00               BREAK

10:15               Career Services
Henna Konsti & Susanna Paul, Career Services

10:35               Suomen Ekonomit/Finlands Ekonomer: The central organisation
                        for graduates and students in economics and business
                        administration in Finland
Teddy Broman, SHS Kyllli

10:55                International Opportunities
Maria Holmström, International Coordinator

11:15                LUNCH

12:15                Library Services
Sarah Hagström, Information Specialist


  • Assembly Hall, 1st Floor, Hanken Main Building

13:00                IT-Services
Jonas Björkwall, IT Planner

13:45                IT Security
Mikael Albrecht, Head of Information Security

14:45                BREAK

15:00                Guided Bus Tour around Helsinki (free of charge,
-17:00               registration in advance required!)


Social events

The tutors (SHS Masters' Committee) will also arrange social events in connection to the Orientation Days each evening 24-26.8, so please keep your evening plans open. Exact times and more information will be updated in this page closer to the Orientation Days. Also, if you are in town already before the actual Orientation Days, you are more than welcome to join the following events organised for you by the tutors:

  • Sunday 21.8, 15:00 picnic in Kaivopuisto
  • Tuesday 23.8, 17:00 hangout in a park (location TBC)

More information about these and future events organised by the SHS Masters' Committee will be updated in their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shsmasterscommittee/