Welcome to CCR

Centre for Corporate Responsibility is the joint research and development institute between Hanken School of Economics and University of Helsinki.



The centre was established in October 2016 but the history of the centre, however, goes back a little bit further than that. CCR has its roots in an informal network of researchers in the Helsinki region who shared an interest in the intersections of Corporate Social Responsibility and politics, recognizing the increased political role of corporations in a setting where social responsibilities is not anymore considered the sole domain of state actors.

The approaches and frames of how to study the changing social roles and responsibilities of business firms in society, their interactions with various governmental and non-governmental actors differed, but there was a common sense of the added value that cross-disciplinarity and close interaction with stakeholders brought to the table.

These two things remain at the core of CCR – cross-diciplinarity and close engagement with stakeholders and in my role as director of CCR I will do my utmost to upkeep these values.

For researchers, CCR offers a dynamic platform for e.g. joint research projects and as partner in consortia applications. We especially want to facilitate early stage researchers meaningful integration into research projects and funding application. CCR can also help you to find new collaboration partners across disciplines and help with coordinating consortia developments. 

For organizations, both for firms and civil-society organizations, we are open for all kinds of collaborative arrangements, be that through partnering for research consortias, arranging workshops or seminars, or other projects. We want to keep our research relevant and impact-ed.

Do not hesitate to contact me personally to set a meeting to discuss through various possibilities for collaboration at solitander@hanken.fi

On behalf of CCR,

Nikodemus Solitander

Director, CCR