Marketing and Management (Vaasa)

Students exiting Hanken Vasa
Studying the MSc Programmes in Marketing and Management will give you a competitive edge in a rapidly advancing world.

Why Marketing and Management in Vaasa?

Studying Marketing and Management you will learn how to gather, analyse and understand market information, and how to lead organisations based on market insight. You will also get the skills required to develop and manage business strategies, business models, product and service development, and market communication. Vaasa, being the "energy capital of the North" with a vibrant energy industry, offers a lot of possibilities for interesting internships during your studies, and a great start to a successful career!

In a nutshell

  • 120 credits, 2 years of full-time study
  • Language: English
  • Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration
  • Location: Vaasa, Finland


As a new student, you choose your major of either Marketing or Management when you make your first study plan upon arrival. However, you can change your major to the other given option at any time as long as the change take place before you start the research seminar and  the Master's thesis.

Year 1 Fall

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategy as Practice
  • Exploring Consumer Phenomena
  • Service and Customer Strategy

Year 1 Spring

  • Leadership
  • Marketing the High-tech
  • Research Skills
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods

Year 2

  • Elective courses 25 ECTS
    • internship, voluntary work, language studies, courses not related to your major
  • Academic Writing course
  • Global Competence module (CSR, Market Analytics)
  • Research Seminar course in the Fall
  • Master's thesis

Graduation in June

Upon Graduation You Will Have

In addition to the goals of the specialisation Business and Management, students in Marketing and Management will gain skills in

1.    Gathering, analyzing, and understanding information & insights about customer behavior in diverse market contexts
2.    Developing and managing the firm’s/organization’s strategy, business model, product and service development, and marketing communication based on customer and market understanding
3.    Knowledge to identify and evaluate strategic decisions in different organizational contexts
4.    Analyzing and implementing an organization’s sustainable strategy, structure and business models taking the interests of different stakeholders into account.