HUVA-project tackles the hardest problem companies are faced with today: how to enable and motivate people to perform in the fierce market environment

Human Being and Value in the Sixth Wave

Some new digital industries have invented interesting and innovative ways to boost and empower their people by breaking barriers of hierarchical and silo-based industrial order. Our traditional industries could gain greatly from these novel practices in their search for better performance. This project aims at building the connection between these two worlds and helping thus traditional industries in Finland to thrive in the new socio-economic era.

Via cross disciplinary researcher teams, the project combines international expertise from Futures Research, Marketing, Social Psychology, Customer Relationship Management, Service Development and Innovation, and Consumer Behavior.

Participating companies in HUVA:  ReaktorKoneStora Enso

The project will be run in the Finland Futures Research Centre Helsinki Office under the umbrella of University of Turku, Turku School of Economics.

Part of the project will be done at Hanken, the Swedish School of Economics at the Center for Relationship Management and Service Marketing.

(Prof. Kristina Heinonen, PhD Minna Pura, M. Sc. Mary Meinander)