Researchers at CCR

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Catarina Ahlvik, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: Mindfulness, Relational Mindfulness, Self-compassion, Positive organizational scholarshipHighlighted publications:

  • Ahlvik, C., & Paakkanen, M. (2017) Itsemyötätunota työelämään. In Pessi, A.-B., Martela, F., & Paakkanen, M. Myötätunnon mullistava voima. PS-Kustannus.
  • Ahlvik, C., Lyddy, C., Reina, C., Knappert, L., Reb, J., Wincent, J. Mindfulness Training to Enhance Leaders’ Interpersonal Relationships: A Randomized Field Study. Presented at Academy of Management conference, Atlanta, 2017.

Contact: Annala, Doctoral Student, HUMLOG, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: Water governance, responsible innovation, sustainable innovation, social innovation, innovation policy, STI policy, post-colonial and decolonial theories, critical migration studiesHighlighted publications:

  • Annala, LT, Sarin, A & Green, J 2016, 'Co-production of frugal innovation: Case of low cost reverse osmosis water filters in India' Journal of cleaner production, vol xxx, pp. 1-9. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.07.065
  • Ranjan, A, Annala, LT, Mathur, N, Sarin, A & Tesfaye Gemechu, Y 2017, Human Rights and Technology: The main requisites to implement the 2030 Agenda: Technological innovations and equitable access to clean drinking water– three case studies from Gujarat, India, in University for Peace.

Contact: Bor, Postdoctoral researcher, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: Meta-organization, organizations of organizations, associations of organizations, multi-partner alliances, collaborative governance, collective decision-making, collective leadership, self-steering, self-management, inter-organizational collaboration, inter-organizational structures, resourcing, resource dependence, partial organization, cooperative entrepreneurship, collaborative tools, collaborative practice, facilitation, value co-creation, collective action, commons, boundaries, boundary spanning, accountability, identity, legitimacy, membershipHighlighted publications:

Contact: Ehrnström-Fuentes, Postdoctoral researcher, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: CSR, local community, social license to operate, stakeholder dialogues, forestry, conflicts, stakeholder dialogues, governance, social license to operate, relational ontologies, decolonial research, indigenous knowlegdes, territorial movements, Latin America, alternative food networks, sustainable food, food ethicsHighlighted publications:

  • Ehrnström-Fuentes, M & Kröger, M 2016, 'In the shadows of social licence to operate: Untold investment grievances in Latin America' Journal of Cleaner Production, vol 141, pp. 346–358. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.09.112
  • Ehrnström-Fuentes, M 2016, 'Delinking Legitimacies: A Pluriversal Perspective on Political CSR' Journal of Management Studies. Vol 53, pp. 433-463. DOI: 10.1111/joms.12173

Contact: Fougère, Associate Professor in Politics and Business, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: business and society, business and politics, corporate responsibility, critical management studies, governmentality, postcolonialism, responsible management education, social innovation, transnational governanceHighlighted publications:

  • Fougère, M., Segercrantz, B. and Seeck, H. (in press) 'A critical reading of the European Union’s social innovation policy discourse: (Re)legitimizing neoliberalism'. Organization, DOI 10.1177/1350508416685171
  • Fougère, M., Solitander, N. and Young, S. (2014), 'Exploring and Exposing Values in Management Education: Problematizing Final Vocabularies in Order to Enhance Moral Imagination' Journal of business ethics, vol 120, no. 2, pp. 175-187. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-013-1655-9

Contact: Järvelä, Doctoral Student, Dept. of Political and Economic Studies - ‎University of Helsinki----------Tiina Jääskeläinen, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: epistemological pluralism, decoloniality, indigenous peoples´ rights, environmental governance and conflicts, critical corporate responsibility, business & society, business & politics, public private partnerships, privatisation of governanceHighlighted publications:

  • Antikainen, R, Alhola, K & Jääskeläinen, T 2017, 'Experiments as a means towards sustainable societies – Lessons learnt and future outlooks from a Finnish perspective' Journal of Cleaner Production, vol 169, 169, pp. 216-224. DOI:
  • Primmer, E, Bredin, YK, Termansen, M, Blicharska, M, García Llorente, M, Berry, PM, Jääskeläinen, T, Györgyi, B, Fabók, V, Geamana, N, Harrison, PA, Haslett, JR & Cosor, G 2017, 'Caught between personal and collective values: biodiversity conservation in European decision-making' Environmental Policy and Governance

Contact: Keaney, Senior Lecturer, Metropolia AMKResearch interests: Global political economy, corporate governance, political economy of financeHighlighted publications:

  • “Picking the entrails of the Washington Consensus”, World Review of Political Economy 2(1): 134-158, April 2011
  • “Financialization and social structure of accumulation theory”, World Review of Political Economy 5(1): 45-77, Spring 2014

Contact: Kröger, Associate Professor, Development Studies, University of HelsinkiResearch interests: Global natural resource politics, Brazilian studies, Tree plantation expansion in the global South, Forestry (particularly pulp and paper) and mining (particularly iron ore) investment and conflicts, Social movement strategies and economic outcomes, Political economy, development and globalization in Latin America and India, Critical agrarian studies, Future of forestry, forest policy, and deforestation, Global land rush in the Tropics and the Arctic, Methodology of comparative politics and world politicsHighlighted publications:

  • Contentious Agency and Natural Resource Politics, Routledge, 2014.
  • Neo-mercantilist capitalism and post-2008 cleavages in economic decision-making power in Brazil. Third World Quarterly 33 (5), 2012, 887-901.

Contact: Meriläinen, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: disasters, resilience, community resilience, informality, NGO, humanitarianismHighlighted publications:

  • Meriläinen, E.S. (2018). From aid to resilience: How to bridge disaster resilience and humanitarian supply chain management research. Palgrave Handbook of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Meriläinen, E.S. (2016). Disaster reconstruction housing supply network in the aftermath of Valparaíso fire 2014. 7th EDSI Conference: The water footprint in decision sciences. Helsinki, Finland, 24-27 May 2016. 303-317.

Contact: Mäntysaari, Professor of Commercial Law, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: user-friendly Legal Science, Comparative Law, EU Law, Market Regulation, Commercial Law, Commercial Law Theory, Philosophy of Commercial Law, Corporate Governance, Law of Corporate Finance, Regulation of Financial Services, Capital Markets Regulation, Company Law, Commercial Contract Law, Energy Markets and Electricity Law, Digital Economy and SocietyHighlighted publications:

Contact: Nilsson, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: Business and politics, corporate responsibility, African politics, political economy, development policyContact: Pakkasvirta, Professor of Area and Cultural Studies Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki----------Pia Polsa, Associate Professor in Marketing, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: poverty, service and relationship marketing at non-profit settings like health care in developing countries, international marketing channels, and cross-cultural methodologyHighlighted publications:

  • Frig Meri-Maaria, Fougere Martin, Liljander Veronica, and Polsa Pia (2016), Business infomediary representations of corporate responsibility, Journal of Business Ethics (ISI 1.3)
  • Polsa Pia (2013) The Crossover-Dialogue Approach; The Importance of Multiple Methods for IB, Journal of Business Research, vol. 66, no. 3, pp. 288–297 (ISI 1.773)

Contact: Salmivaara, Doctoral Student, University of HelsinkiResearch interests: labour rights, labour movements, human rights, gender, corporate social responsibility, private regulation, global supply chains, garment industry, Cambodia, Southeast Asia, legal anthropology, neoliberal authoritarianismHighlighted publications:

  • Salmivaara A. (2017) New governance of labour rights: the perspective of Cambodian garment workers’ struggles. Globalizations 0(0), 1-18.

Contact: Saloranta, Doctoral Student, University of Eastern FinlandResearch interests: an internationally oriented lawyer, who wants to improve ways in which corporate sustainability taken into account in business. Currently conducting research as a LL.D. candidate on United Nations Guiding Principles, corporate due diligence, sustainability reporting, corporate personhood, supply chains, corporate governance and extraterritorial jurisdiction.Contact: Sandberg, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: sustainable production-consumption systems, sufficiency and degrowth, and environmental sustainability. Maria is also a student in sociology at University of Helsinki.Highlighted publications:

  • Sandberg, Maria, Klockars, Kristian & Wilén, Kristoffer (2019), “Green growth or degrowth? Assessing the normative justifications for environmental sustainability and economic growth through critical social theory”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 206 (January), pp. 133-141. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.09.175
  • Sandberg, Maria (2018), “Downsizing of Housing: Negotiating Sufficiency and Spatial Norms”, Journal of Macromarketing, 38 (2), pp. 154-167. doi: 10.1177/0276146717748355

Contact: Solitander, Sinituote Postdoctoral Researcher in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: business and politics, CSR, critical management studies, business & human rights, responsible management education, financialization, critical geographyHighlighted publications: 

----------Ville-Pekka Sorsa, Assistant Professor in Management and Organisation, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: comparative political economy, economies of worth and value creation, political corporate social responsibility, financialization, public-private partnerships, pension funds, firm-investor relations. Ville-Pekka's ongoing projects are: Sustainability challenges of mining in the Nordic countries: the business, politics and society (SUSMINO), 2018-19 and Organization of employers and the representativeness of labour market organizations, 2017-18. He is also chairman of the Board, CCR and editor-in-chief, Poliittinen talous / Finnish Review of Political EconomyHighlighted publications:

  • McCarthy, Michael, Sorsa, Ville-Pekka & van der Zwan, Natascha (2016): Investment Preferences and Patient Capital: Financing, Governance, and Regulation in Pension Fund Capitalism. Socio-Economic Review, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 751-769.
  • Sorsa, Ville-Pekka (2013): Social responsibility and the political: studying the politics of social responsibility in institutional investment. Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 223–237.

Contact: Sveiby, emritus professor, Department of Management & Organisation, Hanken School of Economics----------Caroline Sundgren, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of Economics----------Teivo Teivainen, professor of World Politics, University of HelsinkiResearch interests: Political CSR, global capitalism, radical democracy, liberal freedom, Latin America, Finnish nationalismHighlighted publications:

Contact: Tesfaye, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of EconomicsResearch interests: market rationality, governmentality, identity politics, subjectivity, Cross-sector partnerships, development, water supply, food and climate securityHighlighted publications:

  • Human Rights and Technology: The main requisites to implement the 2030 Agenda: Technological innovations and equitable access to clean drinking water– three case studies from Gujarat, India, Ranjan, A., Annala, L. T., Mathur, N., Sarin, A. & Tesfaye Gemechu, Y. 2017 University for Peace.
  • Technologies of responsibilization: processes of organizing and individualizing in the Indian water sector, Tesfaye Gemechu, Y. & Annala, L.  CR3+ Conference 2017: Making CR work; Helsinki, Finland

Contact: Wilén, Doctoral Student, Hanken School of Economics