Introduction to the Nordic School of Service in Japan

Christian grönroos - nordic school
The Nordic School of Service is introduced to Japan. While there was previously a Japanese translation of the book, "Service Management and Marketing," which embodies the Nordic School approach, this current publication delves deeper.

A primary objective of this book is to shed light on the Nordic school perspective on marketing. This viewpoint has been relatively underexplored by both researchers and practitioners in Japan.

The book has two main sections: 

The first part consists of eight chapters that explore the Nordic School's views on service marketing and management. These chapters rely on extensive research from notable figures like Professor Evert Gummesson, and resources such as CERS's "The Nordic School: Service Marketing and Management for the Future". Each chapter involves researchers reviewing past studies on various topics, including service marketing, service management, service logic, and service quality.

The second part shares new research done using the Nordic School method. Contributors to this part include Professor Junichi Muramatsu from Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University, Associate Professor Tomoya Kamoh from Nagoya Gakuin University, and Professor Akira Oyabu from Okayama University of Science. 

With this book and our research, we hope to expand the Nordic school perspective in Japan, and further develop it.

Christian Grönroos

Personally I welcome this book, and I am convinced that it will broaden the readers’ view of service marketing and service management and will encourage further innovative research into the service field.

Professor Emeritus Christian Grönroos