25.11.2016: Launch of the GODESS Institute

The launch event was held in Futurum in Hanken's Main Building!

Breakfast was served from 8.30 am, and the event formally opened at 9 am. Short talks and discussion on the institute and its aims and activities followed.

Launch of GODESS
Professor Niklas Brunn talking about the institute!

About GODESS: The GODESS Institute is based in the Department of Management and Organization at Hanken with collaborations with the Departments of Accounting and Commercial Law, and Marketing. It comprises scholars and activities that focus on critical studies of gender, diversity, equality and issues of social sustainability such as sustainable leadership, working life, and work/life relations.

The GODESS Institute creates a cross-departmental and cross-university community of actors and activities, and aims to raise research funds for collaborative transnational and national research and development. It aims to facilitate interventions and innovations in organizations that place gender, diversity, equality and social sustainability at the centre.

The institutional partners of GODESS are Jyväskylä University, School of Business and Economics and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Industrial Economics and Management, Stockholm, Sweden. Its affiliated partners are St Mary’s University, Sobey School of Business doctoral program, Halifax, Canada, and Monash University, Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability Research Unit GLASS, Melbourne, Australia

For more information, please contact godess@hanken.fi