Main Admission round to all Msc programmes

Apply to one of our programmes and start your international career at Hanken!

Application period

3.1 - 17.1.2024 at 15:00 (GMT+2)

The application is part of the joint application Spring 2024 in Finland.

All of Hanken's MSc programmes are included in this admission round.

Admission requirements overview 2023

Note! The admission requirements are officially published in September 2023 in the national application platform Hence, Hanken reserves the right to make changes to our own admissions pages until then if needed.


  1. BACHELOR’S OR MASTER’S DEGREE from a recognised university or a university of applied sciences
  2. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT, one of the following with listed minimum scores:
    • TOEFL IBT test or TOEFL iBT® Home Edition ≥ 92
    • IELTS Academic (also Online version) or IELTS Indicator ≥ 6.5
    • Cambridge C1 Advanced ≥ Grade C
    • Cambridge C2 Proficiency ≥ Level C1
    • PTE Academic ≥ 62
    • The Finnish National Certificate of Language Proficiency YKI test in English ≥ Level 5 in all test sections
    • GMAT™/GMAT™ Online Exam ≥  overall score of 550 (all test sections must have been completed)
    • GMAT™ Focus Edition ≥  overall score of 515 (all test sections must be completed)
    • GRE General Test/GRE General Test at home: ≥ 150 in the Verbal Reasoning section and 3.5 in the Analytic Writing section (all test sections must be completed)
    • Bachelor's/Master's degree or secondary education conducted in English language in: the EU/EEA, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States (no other countries are accepted)
    • Group 1: Applicants applying based on a degree obtained in an EU/EEA country or a Hanken Partner University for Exchange, must fullfill one of the following:
      • GPA grade B on the USA grading scale/3.0 on the Finnish 1-5 grading scale in the degree based on which they are applying
      • GMAT™/GMAT™ Online Exam ≥ 550
      • GMAT™ Focus Edition ≥ 515
      • GRE General test  ≥ 150 in the Quantitative Reasoning section
    • Group 2: Applicants applying based on a degree obtained in a country outside EU/EEA, must fulfill one of the following:
      • GMAT™/GMAT™ Online Exam ≥ 550
      • GMAT™ Focus Edition ≥ 515
      • GRE General test  ≥ 150 in the Quantitative Reasoning section
  5. CV in English



APPLICATION FORM (Publised later)

The selection of students is based on whether or not the applicant meets the general eligibility requirements (listed above) for studies within the Hanken Master's Degree Programme, as well as on an assessment made by the academic coordinator of each programme.

The academic eligibility and the ranking of the eligible applicants is based on the application enclosures which have been uploaded to the application within the timeframe set for delivery of application enclosures.

The application enclosures are asssessed by the coordinator for the MSc programme in questions based on the following criteria:

  • Academic success and academic skills (100%) based on the scope, content and success in previous studies which are relevant for the the intended programme. The CV is considered in the assessment.

The academic assessment is completed using a scale of 1.00-5.00 and the applicants within each programme are ranked for admission based on the total score.


  • When you apply to the Master's degree programme in International Strategy and Sustainability, your application is first and foremost considered for admission to the main MSc programme.
  • If you are eligible for the MSC programme in International Strategy and Sustainbility, it is thereafter checked if you also fullfill the higher admission requirements for the Double Degree (if you have marked that you are interested in the Double Degree on the application form). You recieve a possible Double Degree programme admission offer simoutanously with the general admission offer to Hanken School of Economics.