Research at GODESS Institute

Research being conducted at GODESS Institute


The focus is on critical studies of gender, diversity, equality and social sustainability. Within the wide-ranging concept of social sustainability, special emphasis is on sustainable leadership, working life, and work/life relations, as well as wider societal issues on these themes. More specifically, key areas of research include:

  • Gender, diversity, (in)equalities and identities in organisations, recognising the effects of different social divisions and their intersections;
  • Sustainable work organisations, leadership practices, well-being, and policy development;                       
  • Sustainable marketing and development both at individual and societal level;                                                
  • Boundaries between work and non-work, including work-life balance and social divisions of work and care;
  • Inclusive working life, identifying privilege and possible marginalization of certain groupings;                
  • Transnational Human Resource Management (HRM), with special interests in migration and mobility in working life;                                    
  • Policy, law and policy implementation in these areas.    


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