Vision and Mission

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To be an internationally highly recognised institute for cutting-edge academic research and development in the fields of gender, diversity, equality, and social sustainability.


GODESS Institute aims to:

  • promote and disseminate high-quality research and development projects.

  • facilitate policy, legal, and practice innovations, interventions, and implementation in organisations, management, marketing and economy that place gender, diversity, equality and social sustainability at the centre.

  • create a cross-departmental, cross-university and cross-sector critical mass – nationally, regionally (Nordic, European), globally and transnationally, and through that:

    • bring together experts from different disciplines;
    • strengthen ties among researchers and experts, and encourage and support joint research projects, joint research funding applications, as well as joint seminars;
    • interact with society at large and collaborate across sectors with policy-makers, politicians and practitioners;
    • support and facilitate mobility of researchers and experts across member institutions, as well as accommodate those from the outside world.
  • strategically collaborate with other centres and institutes within Hanken School of Economics and the partner universities.

  • establish a dynamic digital footprint, in keeping with Hanken’s and the partner universities’ strategies on digitalization and the need for international collaboration and community engagement.