Studiehelhet i företagsansvar

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Tvärvetenskaplig 25 ECTS Studiehelhet i företagsansvar

In the contemporary business environment, organizations are required to possess both the capacity and knowledge to tackle issues, impacts, and risks related to stakeholder relations, environmental degradation, human rights, gender aspects, corporate governance, ethical conduct, and other sustainability topics. To address this need, Hanken School of Economics has developed a study module in Corporate Responsibility (CR), aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the various issues related to CR from different stakeholder perspectives, free of charge, to both degree and non -degree students residing in Finland.

The study module is a vital component of Hanken's advocacy for PRME - the Principles for Responsible Management Education (for further information, refer to UN PRME at Hanken ).

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The study module in Corporate Responsibility at Hanken has been an excellent occasion for me to deepen my knowledge about CSR both from environmental and social point of view. I like the way professors have encouraged critical thinking. Course include both academic and corporate perspectives that help to broaden the vision of the complex world we are living in and tackle challenges modern societies are encountering currently.

Heidi Heinonen, CR Module Participant 2018-20, Project Manager at Forum Virium