Beyond “Scholastic Accounting”? Towards Meta-Disciplinary pedagogies and knowledges?

Auditorium Fazer A408 (partially streamed)
Beyond scholastic accounting? towards Meta-discipilinary pedagogies and knowledge?
This workshop is part of Responsible Organising (RO) workshop series "Envisioning the School of Organising".

In this workshop we will together explore two pivotal themes: 1) We will engage with an embedded problem each and all of us share: Who have ‘learned to learn’ that real learning takes place via the “Scholastic Accounting” (so named by Thorstein Veblen) of numerically-graded, mainly-written examinations. How far do we recognize ourselves as ‘doubly disciplinary’ subjects, i.e. disciplinary experts who engage in self-disciplining conduct? So, the first discussion revolves around the personal “in-here” not the institutional “out-there”. 

2) How might we design and implement meta-disciplinary pedagogies and knowledges to enable the kinds of ‘thinking otherwise’ we hope to encounter in the “school for organising”? How do we reconcile such meta-disciplinarity with the continuing need to acquire relevant disciplinary expertise? This part revolves around the question how we might manage and nurture the tender shoots of ways of knowing differently that could lead towards different ‘self-and-other-organizing’ within the ‘school for organizing’?  

In the workshop professor Keith Hoskins (Birmingham Business School) will present the first of the two themes outlined in the Workshop Abstract, then open-up to an extended discussion in the second part together with the workshop participants.

The workshop is open to all.

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