Multispecies Organising for a more living and biodiverse world

236, Partially online (the presentation will be streamed)
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During this workshop we seek answers to the question, what it would mean to ‘take nature seriously’ in teaching, research and in practice in a way that embody our deepest aspirations for organising for a better world?

This workshop is part of the Responsible Organising Series of “Envisioning a School for Organising”


One of the major challenges inherent in all levels of education is that knowledge is divided into different subjects belonging to either the natural sciences without people or the social sciences without nature. Many researchers in sustainability argue that this separation between nature and society is the root cause of ecosystem destruction. Thus, reframing the basic theories about organizations, societies, and nature towards more sustainable ways of living ‘in harmony with nature’ requires major shifts in how we relate to the ‘planetary web of life’, encompassing both us humans and other species.

Content of workshop:
During the workshop, we will discuss which aspects are important to consider when we reframe our relationship to the ecology and how to embed our management theories and practices within the planetary web of life. How can we frame our role within multispecies organisational contexts in ways that bring forth less destructive and more flourishing pathways towards a sustainable, biodiverse and living world?

The three invited guest speakers will present their work that involves multiple species in farming, nature conservation, and advocacy for changes in legal frameworks and policy. Based on their experiences of such ecological work, they will give their view of how they have reframed their role in relation to nature through their collaborations with other species and ecologies. After this, participants will be asked to brainstorm about paths forward that can reframe the (nature/society) dualism in the curriculum.

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!! On the same day, from 12.30-13.00 the speakers will hold a panel discussion at the Science Carnival on the topic "Can man and nature work together to restore the ecological balance?". You can participate either in person at Köpcentrum Rewell or online. For further details, please click here.