Hankendagen 2021

Hankendagen 8.10.2021
Den årliga Hankendagen ordnas online 8 oktober 2021 med direktsändning från Hanken i Helsingfors. Mera information om programmet på engelska nedan.

Navigating transformation – Do you have what it takes?

This year's Hankendagen will be held online with a live broadcast from Hanken in Helsinki 8 October 2021.

Programme 8.10.2021


Karen Spens
Rector, Hanken

Leading in times of transformation
Susan Duinhoven
President & CEO, Sanoma Group

Building a winning team
Jukka Jalonen
Head Coach of Finnish Men’s National Ice Hockey Team

How important is leadership? - Research and reflections with Professor Mats Ehrnrooth, Hanken

Alumna/Alumnus of the Year

Closing words

The event is hosted by Camilla Wardi (Head of Corporate Relations and Outreach, Hanken)

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Hankendagen 2021 is broadcasted live from Hanken's Assembly Hall and participation will occur online through Teams Live Event on Friday 8 October 2021 at 14.00-16.00 (Helsinki time).

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Susan Duinhoven

Susan Duinhoven, President & CEO, Sanoma

Susan Duinhoven is Dutch national and experienced leader. Since 2015 she is President and CEO of Sanoma Group and has been leading Sanoma through a truly transformational period. Before joining Sanoma, Susan was CEO and Chair of the Executive Board of the Dutch Media company Koninklijke Wegener and CEO of Western Europe for Thomas Cook Group Plc. Susan Duinhoven is since 2020 Member of the Board of Kone Oyj.

In 2020, Susan received Finland's Transformation Leader Award of the Boston Consulting Group.

Jukka Jalonen

Jukka Jalonen, Head Coach of Finnish Men’s National Ice Hockey Team

Jukka Jalonen has a successful career as an ice hockey coach and has coached the Finnish national team to three gold medals in the World Championships.

As a coach, Jukka believes in leading and respecting the individual as an important contributor. Each successful team consists individual experts; however, it is only when these skilled and motivated individuals work together, that you have the recipe for a winning team. At the centre of it all, is building team spirit. Jukka’s keynote is built from his own experiences and tools on how to build a winning team.

Mats Ehrnrooth

Professor Mats Ehrnrooth (PhD), Hanken School of Economics

Mats teaches courses mainly on HRM, leadership and people analytics. His research, published in several prestigious academic journals, has covered HRM, leadership and organizational behavior from international, indigenous, cross-cultural and various methodological perspectives. Currently Mats’ work-in-progress, with international and national research teams, focuses on the unique and combined influence of leadership and HRM on employee and team outcomes. Much of this work is anchored in his collaborations on people analytics with partner organizations.


Hanken Alumni is coordinating the event. If you have any questions, please contact Alumni Coordinator Mira Aarnivuo at alumni@hanken.fi.

See you at Hankendagen!

The event is free of charge and is aimed at alumni from Hanken School of Economics, but is also open for students, staff and corporate partners to register by 6 October. The programme will be held in English.

The participation link will be sent to all registered participants 7 October.

Hanken withholds the rights to adjustments in the programme.