Accounting for Sustainability seminarie: Del 4

Futurum, Online
09. Mar. 2023: Prof. Paolo Quattrone, Manchester Uni “The poverty of measurement. How issue fields unfold around the lack of shared meaning”
En ny seminarieserie organiserad av Institutionen för redovisning och handelsrätt.

Paolo Quattrone is Professor of Accounting, Governance and Society at the Alliance Manchester Business School. Paolo’s work investigates how material accounting visualisations (e.g. dashboards) influence decision-making, strategising, and governance, not for the information that they convey but for the social interactions that they generate, when decision makers face situations of radical uncertainty and ambiguity. He has an interest in researching the emergence and diffusion of accounting and managerial practices in historical and contemporary settings. Paolo's research on the role that the Jesuits played in the historical development of contemporary administrative and accounting practices has been featured in the Financial Times. His works have appeared in Accounting, Organizations and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, Organization Studies and Administrative Science Quarterly.

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