Studies and Course plan

Read carefully this information when preparing for your exchange semester studies.

Courses for incoming exchange students

The courses are found in Sisu. The course selection for the following academic year is published in the spring each year, usually in May. The Autumn semester comprises period 1 & 2 and the Spring semester period 3 & 4. Note that the courses are subject to change every year. 





ERASMUS students must fill in their own university's ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement form and gets it approved by Hanken upon arrival, or earlier if your university so requests.

Registering courses

Hanken/Sisu will open for registrations on 1 August (autumn courses only) and on 1 December (spring courses). You shall register your courses in the study tool Sisu, where all Hanken students apply for courses by registration. You get detailed instructions before registration opens. 

Business Courses taught in Swedish

Exchange students from the Nordic countries who are able to understand teaching in Swedish and who can read literature in Swedish may choose courses taught in Swedish as well.


In Sisu, you can view a course’s lectures either by opening the implementation or via the calendar view (the Study Calendar button at the top). In the calendar view, students can place course from their study plan. You can even view the schedule for courses you’ve not yet registered for, in case you want to test out how your weekly course schedules fit together. Remember to click "view in calendar" to make the course lectures visible.

Note! As student, you will see all lectures for a course, even lectures that are not meant for you (such as different practice lessons for different groups or lectures at the other campus, for example). Be sure to always discuss with the responsible teacher regarding when you are expected to attend.

Please compare your course plan to the schedules to find out if there will be clashes. Some overlap is possible to handle, but severe clashes (courses more or less overlap) means that you probably will have to choose some other course.


Studies at Hanken are assessed on a 5-1 scale, where 50 per cent is required for passing with the lowest grade 1. The 5 - 1 scale for passed, completed courses corresponds to the five-point scale of excellent, very good, good, satisfactory and sufficient.

5         Excellent (E)
4         Very Good (VG)
3         Good (G)
2         Satisfactory (SA)
1         Sufficient (SU)
0         Fail (not passed)

More information on grading here

Course counselling before and upon arrival

You are welcome to contact the International Coordinator and course counsellor for incoming exchange students, Towa Blomqvist incoming.mobility(at) in case you have questions regarding courses and academic matters before your arrival. 

Work load

Exchange students are expected to complete 30 ECTS per semester, i.e. 4-6 courses. Most courses are worth 5, 6, 8 or 10 credits. One credit at Hanken is comparable to one ECTS credit. An exchange student can have a workload of approximately 30 ECTS, due to the fact that the chosen courses may not sum up to exactly 30 ECTS. You must always check what your home university requires.