Fulbright frukostseminarium med professor Terry Esper

Fulbright Seminar with professor Terry Esper
Välkommen på frukostseminarium med Fulbright Distinguished Chair professor Terry Esper: "An expanded Perspective on the Cost of Online Retail: Considering the Well-Being of Logistics Workers". Frukosten serveras kl. 8 och seminariet hålls kl. 8.30-9.30. Vänligen anmäl dig via länken ovan.

Seminariet hålls på engelska och är öppet för Hankens alumner, studenter, personal och företagspartners.

Professor Terry Esper:

The market for online retail has grown tremendously over the last few decades, with the last three years of "COVID impact" yielding significant and unique growth in the online sector.

Beyond managing the sheer volume increases, retailers have also struggled to control the costs of online retail execution. In this talk, we will engage in dialogue on the role that last mile logistics and home delivery service costs play in online retail operations, and discuss research efforts calling for an expanded view of this domain.

In particular, we will highlight the well-being of frontline logistics workers, and how the impacts of this work on their well-being are an often hidden and overlooked "costs" of online retail. Future research and managerial implications for retailers will be discussed.