DigCBA: Responsible Use of Digital Cash-Based Assistance in Refugee Crises

The DigCBA project contributes to the responsible use of digital cash-based assistance (CBA) in refugee crisis to support policy makers with the selection and use of the most suitable digital technologies (e.g., mobile money, blockchain) for delivering CBA to refugees. The project consists of an interdisciplinary team of humanitarian operations researchers with the focus on ICT, supply chain management, information systems and organizations studies.

Date: December 2021- December 2024

Aim of the project: The DigCBA project is aimed to design, develop and evaluate an evidence-based framework for the use of technologies to deliver CBA to refugees effectively and efficiently using the stakeholder-centred approach inclusive of beneficiaries, humanitarian organizations, international and local non-governmental organizations, donors, and business partners. 

Funded by: Norwegian Research Council (Project number: 325437 - FORSKER21)

Countries of project partners: Norway, Finland, Germany and Uganda

Key academic partners: University of Agder (UiA) (Project coordinator), HUMLOG Institute- Hanken School of Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU), Makerere University (Uganda).

Key practitioners' reference group: Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, IFRC, UN-WFP, Oxfam Australia.

Project Team members at the HUMLOG Institute: Dr Wojciech Piotrowicz (PI), Dr Graham Heaslip (Advisor), Dr Amin Magshoudi (Project Researcher), Russell Harpring (PhD candidate) and Kristjana Adalgeirsdottir (Project Coordinator).

Email: wojciech.piotrowicz@hanken.fi and amin.maghsoudi@hanken.fi