Boklansering ¨Transformative action for sustainable outcomes: Responsible organising¨

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You are most welcome to celebrate this unique joint initiative by 35 scholars affiliated with Hanken Responsible Organising Research Area of Strength.

¨Transformative action for sustainable outcomes: Responsible organising¨
Book edited by Maria Sandberg & Janne Tienari. Published by Routledge, 2022.

The book offers responsible organising as a solution in responding to sustainability challenges that humankind faces. It is a comprehensive edited collection of short, clear, concise, and compelling chapter that brings together scholars in a range of disciplines and blends theoretical perspectives to study humans and social interactions, nonhumans, and living environments. It offers topical examples from across the world and from organising of companies and other organisations, supply chains, networks, ecosystems, and markets. 

The book is written for scholars and students across the social sciences and humanities as well as for reflective practitioners. It discusses complex issues in an informative and engaging way. It is critical and collaborative. The book serves as an introduction to key themes and perspectives of responsible organising and offers new insights on connections between themes and perspectives.

After: Meet the book authors, learn about the book, and engage in the discussion - Bubbly and snacks served!


If you have any questions, please direct them to Responsible Organising, thank you! 


Maria Sandberg & Janne Tienari

Video greetings:
Karen Spens (Rector, Hanken)

Presenting the book:
Maria Sandberg

Christina Dahlblom (Professor of Practice, Hanken)

Glimpses of insights:
Nikodemus Solitander, Janne Tienari & Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes

Kimmo Lipponen (Managing Director, FIBS) and Marikki Karhu (Secretary General, Development Policy Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Bubbly & snacks

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