Kurser Literature course in Politics and Business

3940 Literature course in Politics and Business , 1 sp

Intermediate studies
Teaching language

This course is meant for students to consolidate their knowledge of issues connected to politics and business by reading three articles on the topic. There are no lectures.

The Literature Course on Politics and Business is a particularly neat way to obtain the last study point needed to validate the minor in Politics and Business (from 24 to 25 study points).

The course can be taken in the Sping 2021 within the subject Management and Organisation (with this course code, 3940).

Learning Goal

You have broader insights in topics within politics and business.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • discuss key concepts and key debates in politics and business
  • articulate your own views about these concepts and debates
Additional Information

The subject Politics and Business is terminated at Hanken from 1.1.2021. This course can be taken in the Sping 2021 within the subject Management and Organisation (with this course code, 3940).

International Learning Experience

The issues dealt with in the course are international.


A good level of English is required, as well as 16 study points in Politics and Business. In order to take the course, exchange students are subject to the same requirements.


No contact hours

Total Student Workload

27 hours divided into
scheduled contact hours: 0 h
non-scheduled work: 27 h


Final exam 100%: a 3-hour long e-exam, with 3 essay questions, out of which you pick 2. The e-exams will be arranged in periods 2, 3 and 4, during the week before the exam week for those periods.

  • Hillman, A. J., Keim, G. D. & Schuler, D. (2004). Corporate political activity: A review and research agenda. Journal of Management, 30(6), 837-857.
  • Mayer, F. & Gereffi, G. (2010). Regulation and economic globalization: Prospects and limits of private governance. Business and Politics, 12(3), 1-25.
  • Scherer, A. G. & Palazzo, G. (2011). The new political role of business in a globalized world: A review of a new perspective on CSR and its implications for the firm, governance, and democracy. Journal of management studies, 48(4), 899-931.
Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies)

Open university Quota: 3
Quota for Joo-students: 3