Kurser International and Comparative IP Law

37028 International and Comparative IP Law , 5 sp

Advanced studies
Teaching language

The course offers a comprehensive overview of different international conventions and treaties as well as international organizations, focusing on WTO TRIPS-agreement. Additionally, the relationship between international trade and policy goals such as sustainable developements and IP norms is explored, highlighting inter-connectedness of different layers of international legal norms and institutions.

The course can be taken as part of the study module in Corporate Responsibility.

Learning Goal

You have in-depth knowledge of the global IP regulatory regime as a multilayered international norm system.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • identify main principles underlying WTO-TRIPs agreement 
  • identify the main content of the most important international IP-instruments, especially the TRIPS-agreement
  • explain how the international IP-system has developed and functions
  • discuss the role of IP in economic development and critically evaluate different IP conventions 

International Learning Experience

Course contents is international and visiting faculties may teach in the course.

Target Group

Hanken master's degree students with commercial law as major subject (both IPL specialization and Swedish programme), IPL Study module students and students who take the Corporate Responsibility module at Hanken only.


For IPL students: none

All others: 10 ECTS in law studies


Classroom lectures, exercises, self-study

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled contact hours: ca 20 h
Non-scheduled work: 114 h

Recommended Time of Performance

First or Second Year of Master's studies.


Written examination 90%
Classroom participation 10%

Students who have completed the earlier course International and Comparative IP Law (8 ECTS, course code 3776) cannot take this course.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies)

External students taking the Corporate Responsibility Module can take this course.