Kurser Challenges in Retail Management

23102-V Challenges in Retail Management , 5 sp

Advanced studies
Teaching language

Not given 2020-2021.
Retail management is analyzed through the lens of resources, practices, and new business models. Strategic value-chain thinking in retailing is scrutinized for success, models for cocreation of consumer value discussed, and problems and challenges in contemporary retail management analyzed. As a student you will be engaged in problem-oriented practices in multilingual teams.
The course is part of the Business, Trade and Service study program that is jointly organized by Hanken School of economics and University of Vaasa.

Learning Goal

You have the skills to critically evaluate and formulate retail management strategies.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • identify and explain challenges in concurrent retail management practice, and
  • demonstrate this knowledge by creating new retail management models.
  • show communication skills in various formats (e.g. written and oral) and for various purposes (e.g. informing, persuading, justifying)
Additional Information

Not given 2020-2021.

Target Group

Only master degree students at Hanken and University of Vaasa with marketing as their major.

Limited Number of Participants

Due to the practical approach of the course and close cooperation with a retail organisation, 10 students from Hanken are accepted for the course (and 10 from University of Vaasa). Students enrolled in the program Business, Trade and Service are first accepted. Other students are accepted based on study progress in marketing studies.


Completed bachelor’s degree


Lectures 10h
Seminars or presentations 6h
Teamwork outside class 80h
Individual studies outside class 38h

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
scheduled contact hours: 16 h
non-scheduled work: 118 h

Recommended Time of Performance

Master level, first year


Active participation 10%
Learning diary 40%
Assignments and/or term paper 50%
Passed assignments are valid only for the current academic year.

A reading package including articles and other miscellaneous material, appr. 300 pages.

Students who have completed the earlier course Challenges in Retailing Management (8 ECTS, course code 23055-V) cannot take this course.