23069-V Master Thesis Seminar in Marketing, 6 sp

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During the course you receive individual counseling for producing your thesis and present your research orally and in writing in a student group where you get additional counseling and comment on other student's projects.

Prior to taking this course you should take and complete Research Seminar (code 23077-1-V and code 23077-2-V) because that course prepares you to independently plan, implement, and present a research project, which results in an academic Master’s Thesis. Students who follow the earlier study plan can complete this seminar course one last time during the academic year 2018-2019.

A detailed description of the course is provided in Moodle.


You have the knowledge and skills to independently plan, complete and present a research project that results in an academic thesis in your major subject.

Efter avlagd kurs kan du: 

• distinguish a scientific work from an investigation
• formulate a suitable research problem and purpose
• create a theoretical framework
• plan and conduct a scientific (empirical) study
• analyze and present empirical data
• draw conclusions from the data
• critically analyze the quality of scientific works
• orally and in writing present your scientific work and argue for your opinions
• discuss and provide constructive feedback on others' work


This course is only for master students at the General Management specialisation / Track: Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship


Prior to taking this course you need to take and complete Research Seminar (code 23077-1-V and code 23077-2-V)

You need to have completed at least one methods course as required by the specialisation.

Studerandes totala arbetsmängd: 

160 hours divided into

Scheduled (contact) hours: 28 h, Non-scheduled work: 132 h


Each student is assigned a subject-specific supervisor. Meetings with supervisor, seminar sessions with fellow students, peer-sessions with fellow students.

The course starts in September 2018 and ends in January 2019.

Examination och bedömning: 

1) Assignments related to the thesis writing.
2) Different thesis manuscript documents.
3) Seminar activity as presenter, opponent and discussant.
Documents are submitted for plagiarism check in turn-it-in. The student can access the check as well.

Rekommenderad tidpunkt: 

Master level, second year

Ytterligare information: 

Passed assignments are valid only for the current academic year.