Marek Gnusowski: “Nordic School is a source of inspiration to me”

Dr. Marek Gnusowski has been visiting the Research Center CERS at Hanken in Helsinki in September. He says companies should understand better the importance of services marketing.



Why did Dr. Gnusowski choose CERS for his university visit? He tells he wanted to learn from the best ones, and CERS has globally a strong reputation among services marketing scholars. “Services as a field of research are not very popular in Poland, they are seen a bit as a niche. I think it is important that companies understand the significance of services”, he explains.

Dr. Gnusowski says that working with CERS researchers has already offered him many new contacts. He was talking to doctoral students this week, and he has started a joint research project with Professor Kristina Heinonen and Assistant Professor Johanna Frösén. Hanken is not his first visiting address as a researcher, though. “Earlier this year I have spent some time as a visiting scholar in Newcastle, and I have been teaching in a summer school in Lisbon, for example.”

Dr. Gnusowski works as an Assistant Professor of Service Management at the Poznan University of Economics and Business, in Poland. Gnusowski also holds a Master’s Degree in Law Studies, which offers him an interesting cross-disciplinary grip to marketing in the field of law services. He teaches services marketing and services management at his home university. In additon to services marketing, his research interests include law firm management, relationship quality from the sellers’ and customers’ standpoints, service guarantees and complaint handling in professional services, managing the customer-to-customer interactions, and cross-cultural aspects of services. He is an author of 20 scientific papers or books, both in Polish and English.

“I’ve travelled in 55 countries but this is my first visit to Finland”, he says smiling. During his one-week stay he has enjoyed walking around the city in the crispy autumn weather, and visited for example the fortress of Suomenlinna.


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