Exchange students either stay in a flat provided by the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki/Vaasa Region (HOAS/VOAS) or find a place on the private market.

Hanken’s quota of HOAS rooms does not meet the demand, especially in the autumn semester when we receive a large number of exchange students. In the autumn semester about 60% of the exchange students coming to Helsinki do not receive accommodation through HOAS. Hanken gives students from outside Europe priority to the HOAS apartments so if you are a student coming from Europe for the autumn semester, be prepared to find accommodation on the private market. However, we urge all students to apply for HOAS, without an application you cannot get an offer from them. 

HOAS in Helsinki

All information on how to apply for a place and on the various types of housing and locations are found on the Hoas webpage. The locations are normally a bit of a distance from Hanken but always with good public transportation to Hanken/the center. All questions regarding accommodation through HOAS should be dealt with directly with HOAS.

How to apply

You apply for a HOAS room by filling out the electronic application form under EXCHANGE at Make sure that you fill out the form for exchange students, since they have several forms on their pages. The forms are published on the page when application opens on 1 April for the autumn semester and 1 October for the spring semester. Although all students cannot get HOAS accommodation we ask all students to apply as soon as possible after it opens. Without an application you cannot get an offer.  You can do it before fulfilling your application to Hanken and/or receiving your letter of acceptance. 

The application form on the web asks you to mark the Start date/End date of your stay. You should fill in your arrival date in August or January as the "Start date of exchange studies". In any case your agreement will start 1.9 or 1.1, so it is not extremely important to have the exact date the moment you apply. As the "End date of exchange studies" you shall fill in 31.12 or 31.05. Hanken informs Hoas about our semester dates. If needed (i.e. for examination) in June, students can stay for the additional days by arrangement with Hoas.

When will I know if I got a flat?

HOAS will send their room offers in late June-July for the autumn semester and late November-December for the spring. If you get an offer from HOAS, take it! You confirm the room by paying the deposit and signing the tenancy agreement by the deadline HOAS will set in the offer.

Tenancy period

The Hoas student tenancy period is fixed, and runs from 1.9-31.12 (autumn semester), 1.1-31.5 (spring semester) or 1.9 -31.5 (full year). The dates of the agreement cannot be changed! Students must pay the rent until the expiring date indicated in the tenancy agreement even if they leave before the end of the semester or academic year. Although the Hoas agreement for students arriving in the autumn semester takes effect from 1.9 you will be able to move in into the apartments during the pickup days in August without paying rent. Note that there are some apartments into which you cannot move in until 1.9. Hoas will inform about these apartments on their web page and directly to the tenant.

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Helsinki Private Market

  • Start looking as soon as you are accepted
  • Be prepared to pay rent 500-1000/month
  • Be prepared to live further away from the center/Hanken
  • Be careful before you sign any leases to make sure it is not a scam

Websites to check out: (student to student rentals) (ask also for monthly deals) (Furnished flats) (Furnished flats) (Furnished or semi-furnished flats) (Furnished hotel rooms, ask for a deal per month) (privately run student house)

We will also do out best to try to match incoming exchange students and Hanken students going on exchange to rent their rooms/flats to you. 

See below some Facebook groups that previous exchange students have used. Note that Hanken cannot take any responsibility for contacts found through these groups!

Roommate and Flat Finder, Helsinki, Finland

apartments for students helsinki metropolitan area

flatmate&apartment finder helsinki&vantaa&espoo 

Vuokra-asunnot Helsinki

When you look for accommodation on Facebook:

  • The posted flats go very fast so be quick!
  • Activate the notification for the site/group
  • Have a draft of a standard message ready, when you see an offer you need to be quick to answer

A place for your first days

Book a place to stay before you find/get access to your flat:

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VOAS in Vaasa

Complete information about student accommodation, services, flats, locations, and the application form is available on the VOAS website at All questions regarding accommodation through VOAS should be dealt with directly with VOAS.

How to apply

Fill out the application form on their web pages AFTER May 1st. Do not apply before May 1st, your application expires in 3 months.

VOAS does not allow students to move in before 1 September unless they pay rent for the whole month of August. You start date is therefore 1.9 and your end date is 31.12. (Hanken's Orientation days in Vaasa will start on 1 September at the earliest). You must book a hostel for the nights in August.

Once VOAS has filed your application for accommodation they will be in contact directly with you and send you an offer. You will be requested to confirm the offer by paying the deposit for the room.

In the past exchange students in Vaasa who have applied for VOAS accommodation have received offers, however we cannot guarantee that you get an offer.

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Vaasa Private Market (student to student rentals) (ask also for monthly deals) (Furnished flats) (Furnished hotel rooms, ask for a deal per month)

You can also try different facebook groups.

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