Tuition fees Bachelor's degree students

Here you find info on tuition fees at Hanken School of Economics.

All Bachelor's or Master's degree students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country or a citizen of Switzerland and attend their studies in English in Finland are required to pay tuition fees. For EU citizens university education is free of charge.

Tuition fees

The fee for non-EU/EEA students at Hanken is

  • Bachelor's degree studies: 12 000 EUR/academic year

The tuition fee is to be paid as following:

  • First year students: the full annual tuition fee is to be be paid by 14th June, if studies are to start in August that same year, as it is mandatory in Finland to register as present for the full first year of enrolment.
  • Second+ year students: the tuition fee invoice for the autumn semester is due on 1st of August (the day the academic year starts). You can choose whether you pay the tuition fee only for the autumn semester or for the whole academic year at once. The tuition fee invoice for the spring semester must to be paid by 30 November.
    • Note! You have the option to pay the tuition fee invoice already by 14th June if you e.g. need to be able to register as present in order to renew your residence permit or your housing contract. You cannot register as present without either having paid the tuition fee, received a scholarship or one of the residence permits listed below.
    • The tuition fee invoice is always delivered via e-mail to students liable to tuition fees no later than May for the Autumn semester and beginning of November for the Spring semester.
  • If a student does not pay the tuition fee timely (or register as absent*), they have neglected the annual registration and will lose their right to study at Hanken. Students however have the right to apply for re-matriculation if they pay the tuition fees and an additional re-matriculation processing fee of 35 euros.

* First year students are only allowed to register as absent due to legal reasons.

If you have any questions concerning tuition fees, please contact


Residence permits exempting from tuition fees

Tuition fees do not concern those non-EU/EEA students who possess:

  • a EU Blue Card in Finland
  • a EU Family Member's Residence Card in Finland 
  • a Continuous residence permit card in Finland, Type A permit (not applicable when issued based on studies)
  • a EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence permit card in Finland (Type P-EU)
  • a Permanent residence permit card in Finland, Type P permit
  • Proof from the Finnish Immigration Services that I have registered, or applied to register, my EU right to residence in Finland (UK citizens)
  • SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla = Right of residence under the withdrawal agreement (UK citizens)
  • P SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla = Right of permanent residence under the withdrawal agreement (UK citizens)

Validity and requirements concerning the residence permits

In order for the permit to exempt from tuition fees, the residence permit needs to be valid on

  • 1st August for the Autumn semester and on
  • 1st January for the spring semester. 

Note! It is not sufficient to have a card renewal in process, the student needs to have a residence permit card exempting from tuition fees valid on the above listed dates.

How is the permit's validity checked?

  • Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences make the decision whether you are required to pay fees or not based only on copy of your residence permit card (both sides of the card) attached to your application documents upon admission. 
  • If you have applied for residence permit but have not received the residence permit card by the date when the tuition fee is due (see above), you will have to pay the fee.
  • First year students must register as present for the whole first academic year which means that if their residence permit exempting from tuition fees submitted with their application for admission, expires before the 1st of January the first year of enrolment, they must either renew their residence timely so that they have received the residence permit card before the deadline for the payment of tuition fees (15th June the year they are offered admission) or pay the tuition fee before the deadline since one cannot register as present otherwise.
  • If your residence permit is expiring before 1st January the first year of enrolment and you are not sure if you will receive your renewed residence permit card before the deadline for paying tuition fee (15th June), we recommend that you apply for a scholarship as part of your admission application.
  • It is always the student's responsibility to provide Hanken with a copy of a residence permit exempting from tuition fees - the copy should be delivered as soon as the student have received the card, however, no later than 1 month after gaining access to the residence permit card via this e-form

More information concerning the exemptions to the requirement of tuition fee is found in the national application portal StudyInfo.

Important aspects if you plan to renew your residence permit exempting from tuition fees

  •  If you are renewing your residence permit exempting from tuition fees during the spring/summer the Finnish Immigration Services normally require you to be registered as present for the upcoming academic year in order to renew your permit.

  • However, as a student liable for tuition fees, you cannot complete the required annual registration before one of the following applies if your residence permit expires before 1st August when the academic year starts:

    • You have received a scholarship exempting from tuition fees (possible for students finishing their first year of studies) or

    • You have paid the tuition fee for the upcoming academic term/year/ (invoice expiration date for payment is 1.8 (or 15.6 if you need to register as present earlier e.g. due to renewal process of residence permit - note! payments will not be checked before that date)


Refund of the tuition fee

  • All students liable for tuition fees have received the Hanken Tuition fee return policy upon admission. Students can only receice a refund based on the reasons listed in the return policy.
  • Note that in order to eligble for a refund, you must present offical documentation of the reason you are entiteled to a refund within the set timeframe for the semester in question.
  • If you are entitled to a refund based on set policy, submit the certificate(s) proving through and reasons through this e-form.


Continuing UK degree students are exempt from tuition fees even after the 1st of January 2021 as long as they change their EU registration in Finland to EU right-to-residence in accordance with the withdrawal agreement (with Migri). This change of status must be applied between the 1st of October 2020 and the 30th of September 2021.

  • Proof of the EU right to residence (i.e. a relevant residence permit card), or proof that the student has applied for it (from Migri) is sufficient for exemption.
  • New UK degree students who have arrived in Finland prior to 31st of December 2020 must have registered their right to residence (in accordance with the withdrawal agreement) between the 1st of October 2020 and the 31st of December 2020 to be exempt from tuition fees. Registration or application before the end of 2020 exempts the student from tuition fees even if they start their studies (in degree programmes taught in English) after the 1st of January 2021. Proof of registration (i.e a relevant residence permit card) or pending application (from Migri) is required.