Language requirements

Language requirements in for Bachelor degree studies in English.

To apply for Bachelor degree studies in English you need a good command of English. For this programme the English language skills are incorporated in the admission method, in other words you do not need to take a separate English language test. 

If you have completed the ACT or SAT test and met the minimum acceptable scores you are considered to have sufficient English language skills for pursuing Bachelor degree studies in English. 

If you are applying though certificate based admission the minimum grades in English are listed below. 


You can show your language skills in English even without a completed degree (except if you show your English skills though a completed IB Diploma)

  • Finnish Matriculation Examination
    • English (Lång lärokurs/pitkä kieli) in the Finnish Matriculation Examination with the grade magna cum laude approbatur (M) or higher
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
    • IB Diploma completed in English 
    • English A-level, A1-level or A2-level (literature / language and literature / literature and performance) with grade 2 or higher 
    • English B-level with grade 5 or higher
  • European Baccalaureate (EB) 
    • An approved grade in English completed as L1-language
    • Grade 7 or higher in English as L2 or L3 language
  • RP-certificate (Helsingin saksalainen koulu/Tyska skolan i Helsingfors)
    • Completed English as A-language (or corresponding in the DIA-certificate) 
      • Approved written result
      • Oral grade of at least 8

If you are applying based on a SAT or ACT score result your language skills are considered sufficient if you meet the minimum score levels for admission.  

Notice! If you do not meet the language requirements through certificates/grades you can show your language skills through a SAT or ACT test result.