Information about scholarships

Hanken's Scholarship Scheme

  • Applying for a scholarship will not affect your application to the Master's Degree Programme.
  • The scholarships at Hanken are merit-based. All scholarships are awarded based on the applicant's academic excellence in the previous studies and applicable test score results.
  • All scholarships requirements demand the receiving students to keep a good pace within their studies. Annual check-ups are done to ensure that the student will graduate within two academic years. After two academic years the scholarship ends, and the student is required to pay tuition fees for the remain of their studies.

Scholarships offered to fee paying students

Scholarships offered in 2021: Hanken is currently updating the scholarship system which will be published by the end of December. However, you can apply for the scholarship as usual in the application form, the scholarship decision will be in your admissions letter.

Scholarships offered in 2020:

- All Scholarships offered at Hanken are for two academic years.

  • Hanken Premium Scholarship:
    • Covers the full tuition fee and 8000 EUR/year living expenses
  • Hanken Honours Scholarship:
    • Covers the full tuition fee
  • Hanken Support Scholarship:
    • Covers 50% of the tuition fee
  • GBSN Scholarship for students from developing countries:
    • Hanken School of Economics offers two scholarships to students currently studying at or alumni of GBSN member schools from developing countries
      • GBSN scholars will receive the Hanken Premium Scholarship, which covers full tuition fee for two years and 8000 EUR/year for living expenses. 
      • Read more about GBSN scholarships at the official GBSN site.
      • The GBSN member schools are listed here.


How do I apply for a Scholarship?


  • Applying for the scholarships is a integrated part of the application for Master's Degree studies at Hanken.
  • Apply through the application portal as soon as the application portal opens.