The programme

On this page you can read more about Hanken's three year - 180 ECTS - Bachelor in Business programme.

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The Hanken Bachelor in Business will consist of a variety of elements that have been designed to ensure that our students are prepared for work life after their studies. We want to give our students the tools to be able to thrive in an ever changing world and to be able to tackle the challenges we face. The programme is a full-time and on-site programme. 

This Bachelor in Business programme is designed to do just that. The programme is three years long, 180 ECTS, with the Bachelor in Science (economics and business administration) degree awarded in the end. Also, please note that admission to Hanken's Bachelor in Business means the admission to both bachelor and master studies. This means that you can choose to continue doing your master's at Hanken right after your bachelor, without any sort of extra application, since the programmes are integrated. 

Here you can see a visualisation of the whole three year programme: 



Hanken's Bachelor in Business programme will consist of various elements to help shape the thinkers, leaders and professionals of tomorrow. During the first study year everyone will take mandatory basic courses. This ensures a broad understanding of society and business, no matter later specialisations. In the end of the first year everyone will choose a major that will be the specialisation for the next years. You can find the majors listed further down on this page.



During the second year of studies everyone will read courses in their selected major and specialise in that. Minors can also be read during this time. Furthermore, language courses will be an integrated part of the programme. 

The last year of the bachelor studies, students will have the opportunity to do an exchange semester or to do an internship. It is also on the third year that the thesis is written. The bachelor thesis is written about a subject that fits into the major chosen by the student. After the thesis is done and the degree awarded, the students can continue to master-level and develop further. Here a visualisation about the exchange timeline:


The majors to choose from: 

The following subjects are going to be available for specialisation, e.g., students choose among these when choosing a major. 

  • marketing
  • accounting
  • finance
  • economics
  • management and entrepreneurship

Language studies

Notice! Students that have completed their upper secondary school in Finland in Finnish/Swedish must fulfil the required skills in both Swedish and Finnish in connection to completing their degree at Hanken, meaning that there are mandatory language courses in the national languages for national students. If your upper secondary school was taught in Finnish you must prove sufficient language skills in Swedish (andra inhemska språket/toinen kotimainen kieli) as part of your studies and if your upper secondary school was taught in Swedish your must prove sufficient skills in Finnish (andra inhemska språket/toinen kotimainen kieli) as part of your studies. 

As an international student you do not need to worry about knowing any Swedish or Finnish before starting Hanken. You need to be able to prove required English skills. During your bachelor studies you will need to take language courses but please notice that you can take them on your level, whether your a beginner or pro!