Completed Projects

A list of completed research projects by GODESS Institute scholars and partners

WeAll, Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working Life (2016-2020)

University of Helsinki, Hanken School of Economics and Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. 

Funding: Strategy Research Council at the Academy of Finland

The WeAll project explores factors that support and, on the other hand, restrict the opportunities of different people and diverse groups in working life. Demographic changes, regional differences, the reconciling of work and private life, as well as organisational and management practices, all affect these opportunities. It addresses how age, gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and location have an impact on working life. The collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders promotes the co-production of knowledge on equalities and inequalities in working life, and on well-being at work.

Sustainable working life and coping at work in times of large-scale institutional changes in social and health sectors (2019)

Funding: Foundation for Economic Education.

This project engages in longitudinal analysis of individual and social processes for coping at work and sustainable working life in times of large-scale institutional changes (SOTE) in the health care and social services fields. It focuses on employees and management of two drug and mental health rehabilitation organisations in the third sector.

Co-creating Gender Equality from Classroom to Organization

GODESS Institute, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) (Copenhagen).

Funding: NIKK and Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Exploratory co-creative workshop combining three interrelated topics: gender-influenced educational choices by young people, problems due to norms of masculinity in leadership and gendered organisational norms.

QUEST for Well-being in Growth Industries

Jeff Hearn, Charlotta Niemistö, Teemu Tallberg, Hertta Vuorenmaa, Linda McKie, Marjut Jyrkinen, Pernilla Gripenberg

Funding: Academy of Finland

NASTA: Women and Leadership

Jeff Hearn, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Minna Hiillos, Liisa Husu, Marjut Jyrkinen, Charlotta Niemistö, Tricia Cleland Silva, Suvi Heikkinen, Emilia Kangas

Funding: Ministry of Education

’New Generations’ and Work/Life Balance

Jeff Hearn, Charlotta Niemistö, Mira Karjalainen, Annamari Tuori, Marjut Jyrkinen, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Albert Mills, Jean Helms Mills

Funding: Academy of Finland

'NaisUrat': Women's Careers Opens in new window

Jeff Hearn, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Marjut Jyrkinen, Liisa Husu, Ingrid Biese, Paula Koskinen Sandberg, Jonna Louvrier, Charlotta Niemistö

Funding: European Social Fund