Co-worker Alignment with Value Propositions

New CERS research project: Co-worker Oriented Value Proposition Alignment
Funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund
Time: April – October 2023

The objective of this research project is to create an empirically grounded, coworker-oriented Co-worker Value Proposition Alignment Model (Co-Val). The model enhances co-worker readiness to perform in alignment with the organization’s corporate responsibility and sustainability-, and service encounter value propositions.  Co-worker value proposition alignment improves: 

  • co-workers’ motivation, -wellbeing, and -job satisfaction 
  • customer satisfaction 
  • profitability 

The model supports co-workers in performing tasks that align with corporate responsibility-, sustainability-, and service encounter value propositions. Additionally, the model helps organizations involve co-workers in value proposition design.

This research project adopts an action research, iterative approach inspired by service design and employs the Service Pulse tool, which can be accessed att


Three Finnish organizations participate in the project.