The Nordic School

The Nordic School Spirit is the driving force of the researchers in CERS. It guides to step aside and confront what you do not agree with and never be restricted by existing or dominating theories, frameworks, or methods.

CERS is one of the founding homes of the Nordic School of Thought within marketing. The Nordic School spirit of marketing dates back to the 1970’s when pioneers of service marketing and management research from Finland and Sweden united their forces to discover better ways to understand marketing. Today the network links together research fellows on all continents.

The Nordic School of thought is an underpinning, unifying way to think and research services and relationships and other related areas such as service quality, value formation, customer experience, branding and relationship communication. It is not a dogma, a framework or scientific approach. Instead, it encourages researchers to find their path through individual and brave thinking, yet rigorous and systematic work.

Christian Grönroos

"Never limit yourself by prevailing theories, frames of references, models or concepts, or by the dominant scientific approaches and methods".

Christian Grönroos, one of the founders, articulation of the spirit of the school