Our International Research Fellows

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HUMLOG International Research Fellows

Sarah Schiffling

A woman in her 40's with short bright red hair, wearing slim glasses and a blue t-shirt with white and lighter blue shapes.

Sarah is a Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. She received her doctorate in Humanitarian Logistics from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. Her research interests include complexity and collaboration in humanitarian logistics, remote rural areas, entrepreneurship and development, and food supply chains. She is currently working on a project on last-mile delivery in conflict zones.

Sarah worked on the Cash and/or Carry project during her stay at HUMLOG, revising a paper on civil-military interactions. With the focus on Ukraine within the project gaining even more prominence in 2022, she collaborated with colleagues on the topics of cash aid for Ukrainian refugees and unsolicited bilateral donations sent in response to intense media coverage of the war. Her visit included many fruitful discussions that will be taken forward into papers and projects. Sarah was also able to share her own experience in working with media outlets as an academic with everyone at HUMLOG in a seminar. She returned to the UK where she works as a Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Liverpool John Moores University excited to continue working with HUMLOG colleagues.

A headshot of a man with a full dark beard and medium long hair.

Diego Flores

Diego is currently the General Manager and Head of Mission of the Regional Support Unit Kampala of MSF Switzerland in Uganda. He is an Industrial Engineer with a Master's in Logistics from UAB in Barcelona. He has been working in Humanitarian Operations for more than ten years in countries like Afghanistan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan, and Syria and at the global Head Quarters of MSF. His research interests are Systems Dynamics and OR applications for Humanitarian operations, anti-racism, and decolonial practices in the aid sector.