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Humanitarian Unwrapped is a brand, new conversational podcast about crisis response and supply chains. Join us every month for a hard-hitting conversation, between academia and the humanitarian sector, about the cutting-edge research conducted by the HUMLOG Institute. “Humanitarian Unwrapped” is the little-sister podcast to “Sustainability Unwrapped” and shares the same conversational tone, where science meets practice, with a humanitarian focus.

What is the environmental impact of providing humanitarian aid? Where does our plastic packaging end up? And who is responsible for it? In this months episode of Humanitarian Unwrapped, we are talking with Katherine Ely and Virva Tuomala about waste management in humanitarian supply chains.

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Show notes: "The WREC project

The Fair Recycling Project

Waste management and reverse logistics in the humanitarian context by Tuomala, Virva; Kovacs, Gyöngyi; Aminoff, Anna; Ely, Katherin