A word from Wojciech Piotrowicz, Director of the HUMLOG Institute

Wojciech Piotrowicz 2021
Welcome to the HUMLOG Institute!

The HUMLOG Institute was established in 2008, after two years of close collaboration and networking between several schools, universities and institutes within the Nordic Countries. It is a joint institute between Hanken School of Economics and the National Defence University in Finland and is hosted at Hanken in Helsinki. It may not be obvious at first to understand why our subject of humanitarian supply chain management is something that a business school would be interested in, but humanitarian organisations are nowadays important customers of several industries and that is the connection with the business sector. The humanitarian aid sector is growing, due to the increasing number of disasters in the world. As an academic discipline, supply chain management and logistics have gained interest because of their key role in responding to disasters. Indeed, logistical costs can account for over 80 percent of humanitarian aid. From the sustainability point of view, supply chain management is also dealing with how environmental and social responsibility aspects can be managed despite the emergency context.

Today the HUMLOG Institute serves as a platform and physical place for researchers to share and disseminate ideas and knowledge in the field of humanitarian logistics and supply chain management. We are currently 30 persons working at the institute, from 17 different nationalities. Our team consists of doctoral students, post-docs, associate professors and professors. We believe we have a duty to communicate about the outcomes of our research with the aim of benefiting the society as a whole. We are also constantly broadening our understanding of the field through exchange and sharing of knowledge.

From the very first day, collaboration and coordination have been at the heart of the institute because it is the cornerstone of success in our field. Joining the HUMLOG Institute means being part of and having access to a large network, composed of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, which will definitely increase your opportunities. We are on a continuous look out for collaboration with researchers and practitioners interested in the area of humanitarian logistics and supply chain management, so that we can together work towards providing benefits to persons requiring assistance. Together, we will always do better! Contact us!