Self-organization, Support and Integration

The project aims to explore how Ukrainians fleeing their country and looking for protection in Finland rebuild their lives, as well as how different people in Ukraine, Poland and Finland organize to provide the humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Date: 2023 - 2024

Objective: With this project, based on the perspectives of multiple actors, Associate Professor Wojciech Piotrowicz and postdoctoral researcher Anna Dziuba hope to inform future research and policymaking in terms of societal preparedness for future crises, specifically, improving assistance for the displaced people, and delivery of humanitarian aid into conflict zones. The results of the research are intended to develop the collaboration between practitioners, policymakers and researchers in order to enhance the delivery and reception of humanitarian aid and resilience of the displaced Ukrainian community.

Funded By: Liikesivistysrahasto (The Foundation for Economic Education)

Academic Partners: The Danish Technological University (Denmark) and NEOMA Business School (France)

Non-academic Partner: The Ukrainian Association in Finland

Project Members: Wojciech Piotrowicz (PI) and Anna Dziuba