Innovation Index Coalition (IIC)

Global Innovation  Index
The Finnish Innovation Index is a part of the world's first ranking of the most innovative companies, from customers perspective the Innovation Index Coalition (IIC)

The Innovation Index Coalition (IIC) is a global collective of academic research partners who are committed to foster conversations about innovation from the customer perspective. 


The annual innovation indexes shows the ranking of customers' perception of the companies’ innovativeness. IIC's mission is to improve the impact of (digital) innovations, value creation, and transformations by ensuring that crucial design and implementation decisions are science and evidence-based. In each partner country, this is through research, dissemination, networking, and training.

INNOVATION CONFERENCES are dedicated to sharing, collaborating, and celebrating customer-focused innovation and its impact on company success.The Coalition hosts annual networking opportunities to cultivate working relationships between researchers, businesses, and policymakers. These relationships are essential for ensuring that the IIC's research has an impact.

During the 2nd Innovation Index Coalition Summit researchers from all the indexes shared their experiences and developed a research agenda. Every index uses the same methodology. Data from each index can because of this be compared.


GII 2022

Hanken School of Economics,Professor Kristina Heinonen and Assistant Professor Arafat Rahman among participants of the Global Innovation Index Summit.


Global Innovation Index

The 3rd IIC Summit in New York took place physically and virtually at Fordham Gabelli School of Business, New York, as part of the ICC partnership, from the 10th to the 12th of May. 

The summit had a strong focus on advancing the research agenda on commercial, digital, and social innovations. One of the highlights was the introduction of a brand new study examining the effects of Artificial Intelligence Innovation (Aii) and Augmented Supply Chain Innovation (Asci) on abnormal returns. 


"The index provides very interesting and necessary information about how the customers experience firms’ ability to innovate and consequently how attractive customers see them. It is a known fact that customers are companies' only natural source of income. Consequently, one should listen to their experiences."

Developer of the Innovation Index Professor Tor W. Andreassen. 


The Innovation Index was developed by Norwegian School of Economics, NHH in 2016. After the launch, eight countries (including the Finnish Innovation Index) has implemented the index. 

  • Norway, The Norwegian School of Economics 
  • Sweden, Karlstad Business School
  • Denmark,Aarhus University, the School of Business and Social Sciences
  • Belgium, Hasselt University – School of Business 
  • Spain, University de Carlos 3 Madrid
  • USA, Fordham University  Fordham University – Gabelli School of Business
  • Australia, University of Queensland – School of Business
  • Vietnam, VinUni


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