Marketing Logics and Strategizing

This theme includes research on managers' and companies' perspectives and activities to create successful product and service offerings, marketing communication, and marketing activities.

 Responsible faculty members:


Prof. Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen
Prof. Tore Strandvik Researchers focusing on the area:Prof. Jaakko Aspara
Prof. Kristina Heinonen
Prof. Emeritus Christian Grönroos
Prof. Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen
Prof. Tore Strandvik
Assoc. Prof. Annika Ravald
Assoc. Prof. Anne Rindell
Asst. Prof. Anu Norrgrann
Lecturer Åke Finne Specific topics

  • Executives'/managers' mental models abou customers and markets
  • Service logic and customer-dominant logic
  • Customer needing
  • Strategic branding
  • Innovation strategizing
  • Time horizons in market strategizing
  • Core business/competence interpretation and decisions

 Focus industries studied in the area

  • High-tech and ICT industry
  • Energy industry
  • FMCG industry
  • Financial services and banking industry