CERS 25th Anniversary Seminar “Service Transforming Society”

CERS, Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management, will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 18 September 2019, at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, with many interesting keynote speakers and workshops. The seminar will take place in the Hanken Main building (Arkadiankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki, Finland). It starts at 11.30 with registration and ends at 17.30.

society_transforming_service_bla.pngservice_transforming_society_bla.pngThe seminar is free of charge and open to everyone interested in services and marketing, but please sign up at 2.9. at the latest.

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The language of the seminar is English. Welcome!


For questions, do not hesitate to contact CERS coordinator Annamari HuovinenWe look forward to seeing you in September.


On behalf of CERS,

Kristina Heinonen, director of CERS

The organising committee



Program of the seminar

11.30 Registration                                                                           

12.00 Opening: Rektor Karen Spens, Hanken                                            

12.15 Keynotes:      

  • Helena Renström, Marketing Manager of Skellefteå municipality: "The rise of the North – how place branding helped a small town in north Sweden attract Europe’s largest investment in sustainable technology, Northvolt, together with businesses, universities and citizens”
  • Rudi Skogman, CEO of Blok: "Using automation to build the best customer experience in the world"                                              

12.55 Eeva Solja, Brand and Communications Director of Kiilto, and Lotta Vuoristo, Change Management Manager of Kone

13.15 Coffee break                                                   

13.45 Parallel workshops 1, 2 and 3:

  • Oskar Korkman, Founder of Alice Labs: "Digital services as glue or repellent in social relationships?"
  • Anne Rindell, Assoc. Prof. and Docent at CERS Hanken: "Corporate Heritage has power"
  • Dominik Mahr, Professor at Maastricht University, and Martina Caic, Assist. Prof. at CERS Hanken: "Programmed to care: What is the value of social robots in healthcare?"

14.45 Fruit break

15.15 Keynotes:                                                

  • Kati Ihamäki, Vice President at OP Financial Group: "Megatrends shaping the service business"
  • Kaj Storbacka, Professor at Auckland Business School: "Using market-shaping strategies to transform markets - and society"

15.55 Christian Grönroos, Professor Emeritus at CERS Hanken: "What is missing in service research?"

16.15 Grönroos Award 2019 and presentation of the new CERS International Fellows:

  • Kristina Heinonen, Director of CERS

16.45-17.15 Cocktails in the lobby