Business, Markets and Societal Dynamics

This theme includes research on new business models and innovations, systems and networks as well as responses to market dynamics.


Responsible faculty member:


Assoc. Prof. Johanna Gummerus


Researchers focusing on the area:

Prof. Jaakko Aspara
Prof. Emeritus Christian Grönroos
Assoc. Prof. Johanna Gummerus
Prof. Kristina Heinonen
Asst. Prof. Christian Kowalkowski
Assoc. Prof. Pia Polsa


Specific topics

  • Business model innovations and design
  • Service innovations
  • Data/information-intensive business and digitalization
  • Customer communities and ecosystems, social media communities
  • Transformative service research
  • Value constellations and networks
  • Dynamics


Focus industries studied in the area

  • Energy industry
  • Transportation sector
  • Healthcare industry
  • Non-profit sectors