Doctoral Dissertations

Relevant completed doctoral dissertations in the partner Institutes


Salin, Denise; Workplace bullying among business professionals prevalence, organisational antecedents and gender differences Opens in new window

Hiillos, Minna; Personnel Managers and Crisis Situations. Emotion-handling Strategies Opens in new window

Gripenberg, Pernilla; ICT and the Shaping of Society: Exploring Human – ICT Relationships in Everyday Life Opens in new window

Jyrkinen, Marjut; The Organisation of Policy Meets the Commercialisation of Sex – Global Linkages, Policies, Technologies Opens in new window

Örndahl, Mia; Stories of Survival. Knowledge Intensive Organisations and the Finnish 1990s Recession Opens in new window

Paganus, Solja; Finnish Business Repatriates’ Coping Strategies Opens in new window

Tallberg, Teemu; The Gendered Social Organisation of Defence: Two Ethnographic Case Studies in the Finnish Defence Forces Opens in new window

Niemi, Hertta; Managing in “the Golden Cage”: An Ethnographic Study of Work, Management and Gender in Parliamentary Administration Opens in new window

Segercrantz, Beata; ‘… the walls fell down but the blokes just coded …’: Varieties of Stability in Software Product Development during Organizational Restructurings Opens in new window

Niemistö, Charlotta; Work/family Reconciliation: Corporate management, family policies, and gender equality in the Finnish context Opens in new window

Khoreva, Violetta; Gender Inequality, Gender Pay Gap and Pay Inequity: Perceptions and reactions in Finnish society and workplaces Opens in new window

Louvrier, Jonna; Diversity, Difference and Diversity Management: A Contextual and Interview Study of Managers and Ethnic Minority Employees in Finland and France Opens in new window

Tuori, Annamari; Doing Intersectional Identity Work: Social Categories, Inequalities and Silences Opens in new window

Zhang, Ling Eleanor; On Becoming Bicultural: Language Competence, Acculturation and Cross-cultural Adjustment of Expatriates in China Opens in new window

Koskinen-Sandberg, Paula; The Politics of Gender Pay Equity: Policy Mechanisms, Institutionalized Undervaluation, and Non-decision making Opens in new window

Cleland Silva, Tricia; Packaging Nurses: Mapping the Social Worlds of Transnational Human Resource Management Opens in new window