Hanken International Talent (HIT)

HIT (Hanken International Talent) offers companies a unique chance to strengthen your competitive edge through internationalisation by connecting you to high performing international students.

During a structured two-year timeperiod, the student will experience both professional development and personal growth together with a personal mentor from a participating company, big or small.

How can HIT benefit your company?

Onboarding Hanken master students helps you test new ways to run your business, develop new products or services, at the same time sharpen your employees' social capital and your company's diversity efforts. It is a low cost and risk-free collaboration path to engage with your potential workforce. The outcomes are that by pioneering, you are able to shape Finnish winning workplace cultures.

Through HIT, you will meet students with the aptitude, drive, and personality to take on roles and responsibilities that contribute to the future success of your organisation. As company your task is to mentor a HIT student into the Finnish business culture in an individual way. 

Interested to be part of our HIT initiative? To sign up or hear more, drop us an email to corporaterelations@hanken.fi or call Kamilla Sultanova on 0404517080 by 11.09.2019.


HIT overview: what, why and how

The purpose of HIT is to attract and retain the most highly qualified and motivated talent in the industry available already in Finland. Hanken International Talent already has matched several students, who have found full-time employment in Finnish companies. It is a proven win-win and we are here to guide you though the process so it brings you the value you are looking for.

Diversity and inclusion debate has reached its tipping point in Finland as we face a tightening global competition, changing demographics and business practices. “What got you here, wont get you there”, which implies a need of leaders of today need to gain sufficient understanding of different customer groups, social phenomena, where diversity and inclusion can be the tools in reaching competitive advantage. 

Hanken International Talent initiative is our answer to meet above challenge. HIT is a platform for value-adding university collaborations to evolve with and embrace the future with a pool of international talents. Having chosen Finland carefully for their master studies, our students bring unique perspectives, skills and experiences needed to strengthen Finnish companies' position on the global market.

What happens next?

During the first year, the student receives a comprehensive introduction to the mentor’s organisation and the industry at large. The student will set up a two-year career plan with the support of the mentor with a focus on professional development. Should interests align, this can be followed by comprehensive on-the-job training in the form of an internship with the mentor’s organisation. This will provide the student with the opportunity to put theory into practice.

Based on the students demonstrated skills and interest, along with business needs and opportunities, the second year will consist of planning and executing the students thesis in cooperation with the mentor’s organisation. The focus is also on general ‘soft skills’ training, such as presentation skills. The student will have access to top management, industry specialists, and professionals to enhance their career development.

A word from the Dean of Education, Professor Minna MartikainenMinna Martikainen

We are looking for talent with leadership ability to become key contributors to the future success of Finland. Participants in Hanken International Talent will learn and excel over a two-year period through close ties between education and the working world. This unique and varied programme provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.

We believe in the individual thus, HIT is designed to be an efficient and supportive structure for developing talent. I believe that HIT is a great opportunity to launch our students’ careers in the right direction.

HIT initiative is welcoming all companies, big and small.
To sign up or hear more, drop us an email to corporaterelations@hanken.fi or call Kamilla Sultanova on 0404517080 by 11.09.2019

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