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HankenHIT (Hanken International Talent) is a talent management programme to help internatinal students build a career path in Finland and network with Finnish companies during master studies. We offer easy-to-engage, easy-to-commit to, and easy-to-execute collaborations with companies and NGOs. Get in touch to learn more!

As many companies are tasked to build better processes, products and services and opportunities to serve them, Hanken International Talent is the link to fill talent shortage gap when it comes to accounting and finance, supply chain management, business processes and marketing.

Hanken International Talent  is a successful initiative which enables Finnish companies and organizations engage with driven and enthusiastic international master students from 17+ countries. 

For companies

The success of companies relies greatly on employing the best people in the business. The purpose of Hanken International Talent is to enable Finnish companies and organizations engage with quality diverse talents. Through Hanken International Talent, we offere easy-to-engage, easy-to-commit to and easy-to-execute talent collaborations with focus on solving specific company challenges: through e.g. mentorships, thesis projects, internships, traineeships etc. 

Hanken International Talent people

HIT overview

Hanken International Talent lays a solid foundation for the students future career and gives a great chance for your company to find highly motivated and skilled young talents. Bring your drive and commitment and we will set you on a path to exciting opportunities.

First year

The student receives a comprehensive introduction to the mentor’s organisation and the industry at large. The student will set up a two-year career plan with the support of the mentor with a focus on professional development. Should interests align, this can be followed by comprehensive on-the-job training in the form of an internship with the mentor’s organisation. This will provide the student with the opportunity to put theory into practice.

Second year

Based on the students demonstrated skills and interest, along with business needs and opportunities, the second year will consist of planning and executing the students thesis in cooperation with the mentor’s organisation. The focus is also on general ‘soft skills’ training, such as presentation skills. The student will have access to top management, industry specialists, and professionals to enhance their career development.

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